Is this Jypsiere too big for me?

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  1. I find with oversized bags it’s better to crossbody them towards the back rather than on your hip. Try that and see if the fit isn’t so large. Take into consideration the Jypsiere isn’t a light bag, I have a 28cm and won’t carry it for a days outing it gets too heavy.
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  2. It’s really up to you. Some people love large bags and don’t care what others think. It’s hard to tell from that angle what size it is. Looks similar in size to your other bag pictured.
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  3. looks big:sad:
  4. I think it's the structured leather that makes it look big. If you like the bag, keep it. If you feel self conscious with the size then return it. The small bag trend won't be here forever and the pendulum will swing back to big bags sooner or later. I'm small and sometimes wear bags that some may say overwhelm me, but if it works for what I want I don't really care.
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  5. Post another picture of you wearing it in a different angle ?
  6. Thanks. I do prefer big bags as I tend to throw things to lug around
  7. I also have the same Chloe - and the jypsiere also sits oddly on me- I think the base is very wide and it jiuts out on me- looking like luggage that is attached to me ..whereas the Chloe is much more forgiving and supple and molds to your body more- if that makes sense ? I also love the use of a (large-ish) crossbody - but I don’t use the Evelyne- I’m afraid it’s going to become a big black hole - so I need interior pockets ; but I found my love : my Goyard Belvedere- maybe an alternative? But I don’t think it’s the same quality as H though...
  8. Appreciate the info; I considered returning this and getting the Evelyn. I’m just not crazy about it being open, but I do like how it’s flat and sits close to the body.

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  9. Looks like a 34
  10. Have you checked out the Halzan 31 cm? I recently noticed this bag and I really like it.
  11. agree. I recently saw a photo of it worn cross body and thought it was cute. May need to head to the store and check it out in person