Is this Jypsiere too big for me?

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  1. I purchased this second hand; it’s suppose to be 31; which is the size I wanted ; but is it too big for me? Will it soften and be less bulky in time with use?

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  2. It's pretty big in my eyes - usually I like big bags but it's quite large. I don't have a Jypsiere but I have other 31/32 cm bags and it looks bigger.
  3. It looks bigger than 31cm, I would measure it.
  4. It looks too big unfortunately
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  5. It does look bigger than 31 in the pics, perhaps it is the perspective. It does look a tad too big on you too...
  6. Too big
  7. I will say too big as well
  8. Thanks; I felt it seemed to be closer to 34; and that’s what it seemed to measure to.
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  9. It’s large on bottom half but still a cute bag on you.
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  10. Looks like a 34 to me.
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  11. It looks too big.
  12. Too big
  13. Too big
  14. too big!
  15. Looks too big in this picture for sure.