Is this Jypsiere too big for me?

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  1. Sorry to sound like a Greek chorus...but it is too big...
  2. Another vote for too big! Looks like the 34.
  3. A size smaller would be a better fit and would suit you well. This one is too big.
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  4. Yes, it looks too big on your frame. And it will be quite heavy if you load it up.
  5. One comment, I’ve taken photos where a bag looks much bigger on me than IRL. Sometimes it’s the distance from and angle of the camera...
  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Needed to hear honest unbiased feedback
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  7. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

  8. I’ve compared to my chloe and it’s about the same size; just taller. I think it’s the stiffer leather.

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  9. To chime in with the rest -- yes, this is too big.
  10. Are you looking to fit your laptop or work papers/documents in it?

    I do think it's a little big, but it'll need to be big if you need it as a work bag.
  11. skybluesly- no, I wasn’t intending to use it as a work bag or carry a laptop. Just wanted a regular hands free messenger.

  12. I think the problem is how far it sticks out from your body, especially hitting you on the hip. Could you carry it on the shoulder rather than crossbody? I think it might look better.
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  13. Understood. Then yes, I think it's it's a little too big. If it was a slouchier bag then it might be different.
  14. Thanks.

  15. Yes, I do apologize. It looks too big on you, in my opinion.