Is Michael Kors Dying down?

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  1. I know exactly which bear that is! I was eyeing it for the same reason :biggrin: In the end I ended up not getting it since I'd just bought the tea roses, but it's still on my wishlist (along with some of their other bears!). I LOVE Coach's charms so so much! They have the prettiest, cutest, edgiest charms, that I haven't seen matched by MK or Kate Spade. I've had to exercise so much self control around them that I feel quite worn out! They really are too expensive per item, especially since they go on sale for about a 1/3 of their original price, but then resellers on EBay hike them up again.
    You did such an amazing job capturing the colour! I tried my darndest taking a picture indoors, but the colour looked faded out, like in the second picture I posted. I'm going to the Selma thread to comment! :biggrin:
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  2. He's still very popular in Boston. I didn't used to like MK but I have 2 bags now which are great and looking for more...
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  3. Which two do you have? I love the MMK saffiano bags. They have clean lines, look modern, and are very well made. I saw another thread which had a blanket statement that all MK is cheap and poor quality, and I have no idea what bags they're looking at when they say that. I'm not sure what the new smooth leather is like, as I'm not a fan as I'm afraid of scratches, but the images look very sleek and professional. I think for the price, MMK is pretty amazing. I haven't found anything cheaper that is of equal or better quality.

    But I've seen that the bags are starting to be changed, like the Ava, Cynthia, and Travel Top Zip. I used to be obsessed with the Ava, but I hate the new redesign with the button and additional hardware instead of magnetic clasp. The thing I liked about MK's designs was the simplicity of the bags, and adding embellishments to the standard bags takes away from that. The new Cynthia is unlined, and some people might like that, but I prefer the lining and pockets. And in one of the other threads, another poster talked about how the Travel Top Zip pockets have changed, and not for the better. I feel as though these recent changes are changes for the sake of it, and they actually take away fro the bag. For now, I'm going to look on EBay for the older versions of the bags, but if MK continues on this route, I don't think his new bags will be functional for me.
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  4. I have a Skorpios Top Zip in merlot and a Beverly drawstring satchel in blue. I believe these are older bags, the Skorpios has clean lines and no hardware while the Beverly has outside pockets and hardware on the bag. I really love both of them, the leather is incredibly beautiful and soft.
    I also have seen the statements about the bags being cheaply made or with terrible quality but this has not been my experience at all so far.
    I like hobos so don't really have experience with any of the saffiano but they are really pretty.
    Definitely will be looking for more of his older bags, I think they are great.
  5. Definitely start a bag charm thread!! I love seeing other people's charms and how they use them on their bags.
  6. Just want to comment that I have my Hamilton’s on sale because they are too big and heavy for me now. They are brand new and I kept on getting offers of $100 for these. I’m frustrated because it’s only been 2 years since MK was super popular. Maybe the Hamilton’s are dated?
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  8. I don't think they are dated, but I do see a lot for sale, maybe that's why?
  9. Yes, you could be right. Glad to hear they are not dated!
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  10. I bet people are just selling g them to buy more in different colors, I think they are really pretty bags and classy.
  11. Lol I have one in every color! But now I want to sell them because I don’t use them. They are classy but heavy for me and I’m short so they don’t look good on me.
  12. Oh I know what you mean, I'm barely 5' haha!
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  13. I don't know about being "dated" exactly. I've been looking at finally getting a N/S one, used. But that the cross body strap can't be removed for most of them is a real deterrent. Interchangeable straps are in style, plus that chain link of the strap adds a lot of weight. If I buy one, I will probably want to pry off the strap although I hate devaluing something so permanently.

    I think once the market gets tired of customizing and embellishments, the Hamiltons will get a bump in popularity.

    The saffiano turns me off in this style. The Hamilton does a great slouch in the other soft leathers though.
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  14. Thank you for your response. You are so right the heavy strap and trend on removable straps. I bought a guitar strap for a handbag but didn’t like it. Yes hopefully the hamilton will pick up. Good luck with your search! What color are you looking for?