Is Michael Kors Dying down?

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  1. I feel that MK is kinda dying down here. Perhaps ppl are bored with them or would prefer other contemporary designers. For now, it seems like coach and MK are less desirable here. Ppl are opting for Tory Burch instead
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  2. I don't like the branding on those bags. I have been getti g into the older Rebecca Minkoff bags though..
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  3. I love MK totes and the inside pockets. I just got a Morgan Tote in Pearl Grey with an outside cell phone pocket. It is a perfect neutal and I am a sucker for outside pockets.

    I live in New England so our weather is all over the place in the winter so I love the saffiano leather.
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  4. I’m REALLY late to the Michael Kors party.
    I’ve always turned up my nose and never really took a good look. (Silly me! & my loss!). I’m just now discovering how well made these bags really are and appreciating the leather and all those inside pockets! Sorry MK!
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  5. If we just go by this forum it appears to be dying down. I have not been excited by an MK bag in quite some time. I really dislike the Mercer tote and feel the quality is inferior to some previous styles I likes such as the Selma and Sutton. They no longer make the small Jet Set tote, which I liked also. The last they did make it there was not a full lining. Or if I do like a color, they don't make it in a style I like and vice versa. As I said, I like Selma but I have so many already that I don't want to buy more. I still keep an eye out for MK bags but have been buying more Brahmin of late. Think they have really upped their game