Is Michael Kors Dying down?

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  1. I've been noticing Michael Kors popularity has been decreasing as time progresses. I've noticed the brand hasn't been releasing anything worth buying recently. Do you think everyone's already tired and over the brand or do you think it's still going strong?
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  2. Michael Kors is still very popular where I live. I See the MK Logo bags daily. But none of My handbags are logo bags. I have 2 Selma's,2 Savannah's,1 Sutton,& 1 Jet set crossbody. I want to get the Mercer tote next.

    I don't carry MK bags because they're "popular" (or not popular) i love the quality for the price & the timeless styles & how they make me feel when I carry it.
  3. Actually, I've been seeing more Coach than Michael Kors lately. I haven't thought about MK dying down, because it's been super popular where I live but maybe you have a point. I think I notice people carrying no-name brands more than anything, though.
  4. I sell on eBay & all of the MK listings I had sold quickly.
    As far as new releases, I'm a big fan of the Brooklyn (with the big tassel). I would agree that the majority of new releases leave something to be desired.
  5. Where I live most people carry no name brands or the MK logo bags, but That's not as common. And I live in a big city. Usually everyone I've encountered has a negative opinion on the Michael Kors brand. Which is why I had the conception it's not as popular as before since it's very common now.
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  6. You can't beat the style and price point you pay. Im more care free when I carry a Michael kors. Not worrying much about it and just enjoying it since it's not in the price point as a Louis Vuitton would be.
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  7. I definitely think it's dying down. They are hard to sell unless heavily discounted. You can get a large Selma on eBay for less than $100 shipped. This forum use to be one of the busiest. Now, there are rarely any new threads and most of the old members rarely stop by..... :sad:
  8. Do you think it's not as popular since a lot of people carry MK bags now? I'm starting to think MK is the Coach of 2000. I do still love the bags for the price. :amuse:
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  9. Yes, I think the market is over saturated. It is still probably the most carried designer. I have about 8 MK bags remaining in my collection that I plan to keep. They are well made bags at a great price point. I still have my eye on a mercer tote.....
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  10. MK is still well regarded in the UK. I think that's because it's sold in the boutiques and high end dept stores only. I still have 5 MKs which I regularly rotate and use and they always draw compliments. I live in an expensive suburb about 40 mins out of London and when you see designer bags they're normally MK, or LV. TBH, I'd look a bit foolish carrying something like Chanel around the supermarket in my local area! I'm tempted to introduce some different colours and more SHW into my collection, but I'm thinking carefully about which ones as I'd sell something I have to make room for something else. This is more because 5 bags seems to be my magic number. Agree with Keishapie, it's a shame this forum isn't as active as 2 years ago but i still enjoy looking at it! One day a Diorama or Chanel would be amazing for best, but that's a way down the road for now. MK is great for the quality, price point and colours. You can use them daily and still feel well put together.:yes:
  11. That's quite interesting! I didn't know they only sold in high end department stores and boutiques. I know the brand isn't too common In Australia. I've heard it's not so accessible to get your hands on one. That's not the case here in the US though. Mostly all outlet malls carry MK and they tend to always be heavily discounted. The boutique and outlet pieces tend to look very similar. I have a hard time distinguishing both.
  12. I agree with Diamonds, they are definitely still a higher end bag here in the UK. I still use my MK bags all the time and still enjoy carrying them. Haven't purchased one for a while but it's refreshing to feel bag content.

    Shame the forum isn't very active, I tend to come in less as the App doesnt work well with my current iOS and it annoys me.
  13. I've spent quite a bit of time in the US over the last few years and agree that they're over saturated in the dept stores and outlets. Brand perception is all about marketing and buying experience. It's a shame because they're good quality bags! I've had way less problems with MK quality than friends have had with brands like LV. Hopefully they can rejuvenate the brand some how.
  14. Suuzzzz!!:wave::hugs:
  15. I hope so too! Maybe if they start releasing pieces that aren't so obvious kinda like Gucci and Coach recently they might get back on track. It's been repetitive with everything new Michael Kors has come out with. Nothing too interesting that makes you want to go out and get your hands on it immediately.
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