Is it necessary to match all your accessories with your bag??

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  1. I know alot of ladies here post pics of their new bags and then there will be pics of all the accessories to match it.....

    How necessary is this.........i mean I think this is the reason I stick to black accessories.....they match ALL my bags :tup:
  2. it's totally one's personal preference. :yes:
  3. not necessary at all. do what u like!
  4. Nope! I sure don't.
  5. Nothing in my bag matches, today I am carrying my Pond Ergo tote, with my blue soho wristlet, I have my Legacy wrislet in there also and a brown and pink miniskinny and a blue makeup bag and a striped pencil case with my sunglasses in and and a few other things and nothing matches, the strips on my legacy wrislet, are different the the lining of my purse.
  6. not necessary at all. :nogood:
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    I am anal about matching my accessories to my bag, but it is certainly not necessary. It's completely a personal preference.
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    I have been trying to match with certain favorite bags of mine and it's getting very expensive even though I buy everything at the outlet. I'm not doing it with all my bags.
  9. Umm........not necessary. Personal preference.
  10. I'm one of those anal people that WANT it to match and have to get over the fact that it doesn't. LOL Like right now I'm carrying my grass Heritage stripe tote with a dark brown mini cc Soho wallet & my burnt orange Ergo capacity wristlet. So none of that matches at all. LOL
  11. I'm not matchy-matchy but if it's not a neutral color accessory I probably wouldn't use it... for example I recently bought an orange mini skinny but do not think I will use it in my berry hobo... but then again like my sis says "it's inside ur bag- who's gonna know u don't match!"
  12. I love variety and using complimentary colors rather than everything being matchy matchy.... although if I really love a line (the old sig stripe stuff in gunmetal in particular) then I will get things to match! Do whatever you like!
  13. Nah. Do whatcha like! :tup:

    I love to see the matching accessories, but I think one piece per bag is good.
  14. I've never had matching accessories until recently. It's completely up to you and what you like and don't like. In fact, sometimes I really like a bag, but don't like the wallet or wristlet that matches, so I don't even think about getting it and will make do with whatever I already have. On the other hand, there have been some accessories that I obsess over and have to have in order to have a matching set. Of course, this has only happened once.
  15. I only match bags that I am going to use alot, thats just me I feel like it looks better when it matches. For bags that I know i just use every now and then I don't bother to match.