Is it necessary to match all your accessories with your bag??

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  1. This is exactly how I feel. I have 2 leather wallets (rose legacy & mahogany) and that's good enough for me :yes:
  2. There is no right or wrong answer. It's all about what make YOU happy.
  3. I dont think it is necessary to match everything. Just get what you like and use what is comfy for you. I personally do not have any matching accessories. I just buy what I like!
  4. It's a personal preference. For me, I'm so used to "matchy matchy" shopping, I can't help it. So, whenever I buy purses, I have to have something to go with it (usually at least a wristlet, or if it's a smaller purse, a mini skinny).

    Same thing with clothes...When I buy shirts/blouses, I have to make sure that at least one pair of (work) pants matches the shirt or I end up buying a pair so I have that peace of mind that I have one thing that will always match.

    ...and I wonder where my money goes...Hmm...:thinking:
  5. I don't usually match to the bag but try to match the accessories to each other.
  6. I've never had matching accessories. I'd rather get accessories that work with many different bags and colors, and then use the money I saved toward another bag. :smile:
  7. I like to match things but not perfectly all time. Like sometimes I match by color instead of by set.

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  8. I definitely think its a personal preference. I would so do it if I could afford it!
  9. Coordination is just as nice as matching in my opinion. I have a white skinny mini tucked into my denim/leather ergo, and I have plans to purchase one of the french purses in a fun color to put w/ my new mahogany hampton tote.

    Though come to think of it totally mismatched can be cute too, but it kinda depends on your personal style. I had seen this adorable gal in the coach boutique a couple months ago get one of the pink patent ergo satchels and promptly stuck her green/sig/zebra stripe checkbook into it. I raised an eyebrow for like 5 seconds total, then realized it kinda worked in a cute way.
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    Not that I'm saying you or your sister are wrong per se, but people do see it. Everytime you go to the store you have to pull out the wallet or wristlet, or whatever to pay, and therefore it is being seen you are mis-matched.

    However that doesn't mean you have to match. Some people don't care. I'd looove to match all my stuff, but the Coach wallets are just too dang expensive considering I could get another purse for the same cost, or a nicer purse for the cost of two.

    I have one Hamptons Stripe Envelope wallet in doe to match my Hamptons Stripe Carryall exactly...but if I could do it over again I wouldn't have bought the wallet. But I use it with all my, raisin, brown.

    I really wanted a wristlet to match my bleeker tote in black, but it's darn hard to find the right wristlet that is large enough and has the same color stitching and hardware. I'd rather bet TOTALLY off on matching, than have something be kinda off and sorta matching (I know, sounds totally weird, but that's just me)
  11. I'd love to have all the accessories to match every single one of my bags, but it's just too expensive. I'd rather buy more bags then have the matching accesories. I will say that I do always try to pick up a matching scarf or keyfob.
  12. My accessories might end up matching a bag....but that isn't because I did it on purpose necessarily (though I loves me that patent mahogany...LOL). It really is personal choice.

  13. ITA!!

    I used to be only a matchy matchy person, and just because it's in my bag doesn't mean it doesn't get whipped out in public! :P I saw on TV where they criticized people for buying expensive bags but using crappy wallets with them, lol! However, we all know it gets REAL expensive to match with each bag, and also Coach doesn't even make matching accessories for all bags. After I bought a few bags that didn't have matching accessories, I learned to branch out and just try to complement my bag with my accessories rather than totally match. Actually my Legacy oxford stripe set has been the best of all my sets because it goes with so many of my leather bags and is a nice pop against a solid leather. I also use some patchwork accessories similarly, and I've also been known to do a rainbow of colors inside my bag as well! :yes:
  14. Mine "go" with each other, but never match exactly. All of my accessories go with all of my bags, for the most part.
  15. I like my accessories to match each other - doesn't matter to me if they match the bag, though! I'm on a berry kick right now!