Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. I would just like everyone to know that, due to a change in ownership at work, I have been forced to involuntarily ban myself from most purchases including Coach. I hear your gasps and curse words and I thank you for that. :hugs:

    Until I can tolerate the new Boss Satan and train him to do my bidding, I will be forced to live vicariously through TPF. Stick is so mad he has moved out and is now stalking me on social media with a full scale twitter and instagram war. :devil:

    Until the dust settles, I would like to thank each and every one of you for posting your reveals. I will be changing my wallpaper daily with my favorite Coach bag of the day to lust after.:loveeyes::drool:

    If anyone else is on a ban, involuntary or otherwise, you are not alone. (Insert Michael Jackson song here)

    I feel your pain (Insert Bill Clinton face here)

    Now taking applications for group ban support leader and donut and juice provider for our daily therapy/tear fest... :crybaby:
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  2. I too am on a ban :sad: :sad: We got Quicken software after Christmas to track our expenses and we saw how much I spent at Coach in 2014. It was super shocking and I am now hoping to have a bag-less 2015! I still like to keep up with Coach news and the new styles and what not so I'm definitely still sticking around here though :smile:
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  3. Yay! Member number two. Welcome! We're glad you're here. :smile:
  4. I too have had a change in ownership at work (aka they no longer own me) so I'm banned from pretty much everything other than bills and food! Vicarious living shall be my new pursuit :smile:
  5. You are hereby baptized into banhood. And you go girl! Tell Boss Satan where to stick it! ;)
  6. I'm on a ban as well, just to show you my moral support and let you know you are not alone in that miserable "ban island".
  7. Setting up a beach chair and a pina colada.... :biggrin:
  8. As soon as the severance check clears ... :graucho:
  9. You and me both. The Head Satanist is making the rounds tomorrow. Rumor has it he likes to fire people on the spot to make an impression. (Only a man would be such an idiot but I digress). My coworker and I have our fingers crossed we're it and the loser drives the other to the unemployment line for a check and freedom. :P
  10. Well, you saw my January damage. So I better pull up my beach chair and get comfy. Pass the piña coladas!!
  11. Hi! I need to go on a ban. There I said it, it's in writing. (Someone needs to stop me from buying purses!). How does it work? Can we make exceptions for HG (in my case, if I find a mint or periwinkle duffle/courtenay)? Or do we have to go cold turkey? Thanks in advance for your advice since I am still a newbie of sort (I do remember your ban last year before Memorial Day and I was feeling your pain). Bartender, one more piña colada please.
  12. I can't go cold turkey! It might be too much of a shock to my system! I promise to taper off. I'll join you on the beach but I might run off chasing a pretty butterfly if I'm tempted. You had better keep those pina coladas coming!
  13. No!!! We need you and more purse porn!!

    The handsome bartender is shaking his mini umbrella at you. :nono:
  14. Welcome! This is an involuntary ban so the Memorial Day ban rules need to be tweaked. I shall do so and post our new manifesto tomorrow. ;)

    Oh and newbies buy the first round of donuts! And make sure they're the good kind. Frosting filled no cheap jelly or we reserve the right to torture you with said duffle/Courtnay sale pics. :P
  15. I have lots of men in loin cloths and hula skirts hired and hanging around just to tick Stick off. Just snap your fingers and they will deliver. :biggrin:
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