Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. Laura, ,I feel your pain. Waiting for a new Boss Satan at my job too. Sisters in banhood, I am one with you! But, instead of donuts, how's about some "organic brownies", ummm?
  2. Done! I love this girl. Now this is thought and caring about your fellow TPFer needing to numb the pain and struggle through. It's like wow man......
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423013355.887647.jpg

    Krispy Kreme ok? Looking forward to your manifesto since I sure don't know how to do this ban thing (pretty purses make me weak and disoriented :smile: )
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  4. You're hired! Chocolate too. Atta girl! :thumbup:
  5. You crack me up :lol:
    Great company and good sense of humor always helps and who can say "No" to Pina Coladas and handsome bartenders. Keep em coming :drinkup:
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  6. I need to join! But my birthday is in March; how long will the party be going?
    I bring the best donuts in the world, Frosty's!

  7. Well, I shouldn't say no to the handsome bartender...
  8. Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as chocolate maple. I've been missing out!
  9. Now I really want a donut!
  10. I'm also packing whoopie pies

    and moon pies
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  11. Now we are talking! We, the sisters of banhood, can go out in style. Mardi Gras, here we come!!!!! Bwahaahaa.
  12. Wow! We may be deprived of new purses but we will be eating well here!
  13. After this, I'm going to need to join Overeaters Anonymous!

  14. I don't really need to be on ban but I'm joining for the eye candy pass the Pina Coladas, baby! Yeah!!
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