Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. I really need a ban and might be joining this club very soon...just not yet - Ok, I'm in denial :lol:
  2. Um, I don't buy enough bags to warrant a ban, but I'm here for moral support.....well, actually I'm here for the 'ORGANIC' BROWNIES!!! :lolots:
  3. So desert porn in place of purse porn? Ok
  4. Speaking of King Cakes/Mardi Gras..I was actually going to seriously consider giving up all Coach purchases (e-bay especially) for Lent (that and any processed sugary treats- except gum :smile) but I don't know if I can handle giving up both at the same time, I may explode.
  5. Okay, new Boss Satan was delayed until tomorrow. But, because the new owners were too freaking lazy to upload all of our members into their new database, guess who gets to do it manually for all four locations? Is Laura happy right now? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she is not!!! I am so looking forward to being fired!!!

    So since I am currently on a mini-strike, I will now list our manifesto for the involuntary ban. I may tweak these when I get some real time but we're most important right now people!

    Without further ado, we solemnly swear to these commandments:

    1. Thou shalt photoshop your hand, arm, or any other body part onto any TPF reveal or Coach pic and claim it as your own. Creativity counts and eye candy aka TPF husbands, boyfriends, men on the street, construction workers, etc. will be rewarded. Photoshop fails will be ridiculed and very much appreciated.

    2. Thou shalt be kind, thankful, and grateful when a fellow TPFer scrapes you off of the Coach store floor and/or Outlet window and wipes your drool and tear marks off the glass. :hugs:

    3. Thou shalt beat down any customer carrying their new purchase out of said store if they turn up their nose and/or give you a dirty look or in any way flaunt their new goodies in your face. :bagslap:

    (LT and TPF are not responsible for any ensuing criminal costs or lawsuits although we will fund your commissary account if you really sock her good.)

    4. Thou shalt not be courteous to the police when they haul you off to jail for these lapses in insanity during your ban. Resisting and sticking it to the man is always in vogue and if you can't buy Coach get your vogue on another way! :police:

    (Again, LT and TPF are not responsible for any ensuing criminal costs or lawsuits although we will fund your commissary account in jail and make sure you get weekly visits from the hula men)

    4. Thou shalt keep a box of tissues and a therapist on speed dial when watching the other TPFers reveals.:crybaby:

    5. Thou shalt caress, fondle, sniff, rub and enjoy any Coach items in store at any time to get your hit. Hey, it goes with the organic dessert high which is now legal plus it works as an instant criminal defense when the police and/or store security come and get you.:peace:

  6. Ooh, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. I hadn't realized organic brownies were of the Rocky Mountain variety. :balloon:
  7. You had to go there... Since my initial reaction was "NO WAY IN :devil:", I guess that means I should too. :sweatdrop: :giggles:
  8. OMG that is so my Lent too! Of course I wasn't going to buy anything anyway because of the new cult of Boss Satans so I may fry but at this point I don't care! :devil:
  9. Slow or already partaking....? :P

    It's okay. We'll take care of you here.
  10. Sergio is now doing his Magic Mike imitation in the therapy circle to cheer us all up. Close your eyes and envision him swinging our favorite yet now banned goodies around his hot body but keep your minds out of the gutter!! :nogood::woohoo:
  11. Newbie got a question. Regarding rule #1 of the manifesto, am I reading it correctly that we are allowed to photoshop ourself onto a reveal or picture of a purse and post it under this thread?
  12. Yes! Under the voluntary ban, it was not permitted. But since we are being persecuted against our will, allow yourself to have fun and dream a little bit.
  13. I survived my first day on this ban island -- thanks Laura Tracy. (I did window shop online and added something to my cart just so I keep my shopping finger "fit"-- is that ok? now I need to go remove the item.)
  14. Yes! That was in the rules of the voluntary ban. A doctor on speed dial to repair click injuries. Obamacare is paying now so well done! :woohoo:
  15. I am wondering how Mr. Stick is taking it?

    How will he fill his afternoons if he is not waiting for the USPS truck?

    Maybe he could take up yoga to learn how to relax.
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