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  1. So I was checking my site meter to see who's been linking to ateliernaff recently, and I found this very interesting link: xxxxxxx. It's kind of like the Bag Hunter reborn - except it's not the original Bag Hunter, and it's definitely not me, and it doesn't seem to be anybody I know. But all the bags are authentic, so the Spy seems to know what she's doing. It's only been up for a couple of days - has anyone else seen it?? Whoever you are, well done! :yes:
  2. cool thanks for the link LP! this one's going in my favorites!
  3. Question though... is the pistachio city authentic? Looks suspicious to me? Tag has a white string? Wondering if there is any authentication before posting on that site? :confused1:

    PS No offense intended if the seller is a PF member. Posting the bag in the authenticate thread.
  4. What a cool site! I wish there was one of those for every designer. :lol:

  5. I was thinking the same thing flipflop! However, I think we're thinking of another bag...the one listed on the "i spy..." site is different from the one on the authenticate thread with the white string...

  6. Hmmm... Achtung Bal in disguise? ekekekeke.
    Thanks LP!
  7. Thanks LP!

    This looks like a great resouce -- kind of like Achtung without the bickering.

    I hope if this person decides to sell a bag, he/she will disclose it upfront if listing it on the site!
  8. I'm not seeing the white string...the tag has a black string, no?
  9. It's authentic. I don't see a white string.. are you talking about the other Pistachio listing that's up now? That one is most definitely fake!

    Very cool site you found, LP! Surely that is a PFer?????
  10. Ok, I don't know what is going on, but the link/picture changed. If you look in my post in the authenticate thread, THAT is the original bag linked in the ispybalenciaga blog and the one I was asking about. Sometime between when I posted and then came back to read the post by highgloss, the link was changed? Anybody else see it or am I crazy???:confused1: Larnette? Did you see the other link???
  11. It's so nice to see someone spend time to do this -- same like you too LP!!
  12. flipflop, I looked at all the listed bags earlier, including the pistachio, and it was authentic then - same bag I'm seeing now. ??
  13. I thought I did! But then when I went back, it wasn't there and the current one was! I thought I was just losing my mind so I went back and revised my post thinking I was spacing out...maybe I wasn't?? :shrugs: :shrugs:

    Weird stuff!!!!!!
  14. Thanks !!!!!
  15. Larnette, I see you did change your post... glad you said that or i would really think I was nuts!:nuts: I swear it was a different bag! Which is fine, I am sure the blogger made an honest mistake and posted the wrong item. I think the site is a great idea! I just want to know I am not losing my mind!!! :confused1:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.