Info on Costume Jewelry from Paris-Moscou

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  1. Okay, I just came back from the boutique after looking at the book for Paris-Moscou. I tried to jot down as much info as I remember.
    To sum up the themes for costume jewelry, there are a lot of military-influence pieces, lots of red and gold, very imperial Russia, lots of pearls, lots of details (duh it's metiers d'art!). Most of the pieces you saw from the show retail for around 5k to 7k. There are a couple more affordable pieces but not a lot.

    There are a lot of small pins and brooches, the ones worn by the male models on the big coats. They come in a star motif, number 5, coco's face and a couple other ones. They're meant to be worn in clusters.


    There was this other large one in strass that is kind of interesting. It retails for around $1,400.

    The following themes are the ones that I'm interested in. Although the Boutique in Vancouver didn't order a lot of them because they were too pricey.

    Like 'Paris Souvenirs' 06C, 'CC Beauty' 08A, and 'Carousel' 08A. The 'Matriochka' is a very detailed collector's piece. The doll itself is very 3-dimensional, adorned with a tiny enamel camellia on the head. It comes in full range, pendants, earings, jewelry belts, key chain etc.

    The one worn on the model's head is actually a jewelry belt. That one retails for around $5,000.

    The large 'Matriochka' A41883 pendant (it comes in smaller sizes, some with a dangling CC) is around $800. The

    The baby 'Matriochka' earrings with dangling CCs are $700.

    The resin cuff A41882 with the 'Matriochka' face in brushed gold metal and 3 white enamel camellias is $1,300.

    This is my favorite one. It's a jewelled bow, kind of like 'Marquise' from 08P. It's kind of like a silver metal filigree bow with CC and strass. It also has a dangling CC on the left ribbon that's hanging down.

    It comes in a choker, brooch. There are smaller versions of it on pendant necklaces and earrings. The brooch A41862 is $1,400.

    Russian Pearls
    I don't have any pictures from this theme. But basically it's inspired by the pearl tiaras the models wore in the show. The tiaras are not for sale and are just made for the show. But it translates very well to a costume jewelry theme. It's very similar to 'Woven Pearls' from 06A.

    There are necklaces, bracelets, and 2 brooches.
    The smaller one is a bit smaller than the classic CC strass brooch.
    It's basically a CC logo brooch with different sized pearls and crystals. The pearls are more of a peachy, champagne-y color instead of the usual white pearls from Chanel. Then there's a larger one that's around the size of the big CC necklaces on ropes.

    The smaller one A41892 is around $300, and the larger one A41897 is around $500.

    Crystal Bouquet
    This is a very decadent and expensive theme. Think 'Camellia Bouquet' from 09P but more dramatic and in a sea-green type color.

    The necklace pictured is one of the pieces from this theme.
    There are a wide range of brooches that are more wearable but very expensive.
    One of them is a cluster of camellias with very geometrical metal pieces sticking out. That one is around $1,100. The style number is A42064
    There's this other one that's like a baroque cross. It has 4 fresh water pearls and a lot of semi-precious stones. This one is $7,000.

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  2. Bloody hell, you didn't just jot down as much as possible, you have a graphic memory, like Nanamiryu!!!!!!!!!

    Many many many thanks for the costume jewellery intel! Having seen the S/S 09 Act II lookbook, I can say that there will be plenty of funds for the more exciting pre-fall collection, especially the Matriochka collection! I gave up on the Carousel belt only because the other charms are no good. But this Matriochka collection seems like real fun!! The last time I saw the Matriochka face is in the 04P collection. Glad to see that it's making a come back!!

    Someone stop me from grabbing the $5K ~
  3. Hahaha I'm just as crazy as you are.
    I already reserved the 'Tsarina' brooch at my boutique because I love it too much.
    Unfortunately Vancouver didn't order anything from the 'Matriochka' range or the 'Russian Pearls'. I hope other boutiques in Canada will carry it so I can get a transfer. If not then I would have to hunt it down in Hong Kong in the summer.

    Why didn't you get the carousel pendant then? I can't believe you gave up the carousel belt. You'll regret it for the rest of your life !!! I got the pendant one and it's like my favorite necklace from Chanel. It's such a conversation piece too.
  4. Aww thanks for the info! :biggrin:
  5. Wow! Great info peace911_1! The Matriochka costume jewelry collection is definitely going to be a hit! The Paris-Moscou collection looks and sounds so decadent and luxe!
  6. Oh, I didn't give up on the Carousel collection!! Just the belt. I have :sneaky: the "complicated" carousel necklace and the brooch!! :lol:
  7. That bow is adorable! Out of my price range but I hope someone here gets it to so I can drool over pictures!
  8. Thank you peace911_1 for the info. If I find out anything from the Toronto store, I will post as well ;)
  9. Love this large strass brooch, and absolutely in love :heart:with the Matriochka line.

    Thank you so much for the update. PreFall will be available around May/June correct?

  10. Thanks for the detailed info.:smile: Love the Crystal Bouquet necklace.:heart: But $7000?...:faint:
  11. Very pretty. Thanks for posting.

    That large strass brooch looks very similar to a St. John brooch I had at one time and sold. Of course big difference in price.:faint:
  12. Thanks for all the info!!
  13. Very fascinating pieces! Thank you for posting!
  14. goodness goodies!! thank you!
  15. Thanks so much for your pics and detailed info!! OMG!!! Somebody please stop me!!:drool::drool: flaps for me. I'm going crazy over these costume jewelery pieces from Paris-Moscou. I love red and gold and all these imperial pieces. I must go to Paris this June to personally inspect every piece of the collection Paris Moscou!! :nuts: Anyone? Care to join me? :graucho:

    BTW, have you seen this brooch from the lookbook (this big CC with dangling chains on the models chest)?? I have been eying this since I saw the fashion show online pics. I wonder if this is going to be made and from which collection it is. Any idea?