Info on Costume Jewelry from Paris-Moscou

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  1. I already posted it.

  2. Oh, Justin! You are killing me with all these pics... And price info!:wtf: I thought I'd just stick to Matriochka and now I feel like I have to get something from Tsarina too~:Push:

    Do you happen to know if there's going to be a Matriochka brooch as well? I was going through the runway pics on Chanel site and noticed some models looked as if they are wearing the brooches. But I'm not sure if they are brooches indeed. I wish they had details shots of everything they wore!

    Thanks for the pics and PM~:heart:
  3. Hm I'm almost positive that there are no Matriochka brooches, and even if there are, it would be just a piece of metal (the face of the matriochka), like the cuff that Lily has, because they are making a keychain with just the face.
  4. This is from WinteRose's thread: It seems no brooches for Matriochka...oh...but it'll be so cute - just like the cuff....

    Oh peace911_1 : do you happen to know the C$ price for the keychain? What's the size & how it'll look like? Flat like a coin? Better bigger than a " toonie"?!