Indian new year party!

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  1. Hi everyone, on Sat night I found myself at an authentic Indian nye party in full Indian style and costume. I can tell you that in my western clothes I felt about a million times under dressed than everyone else. The room was a sea of Sari`s in every color of the rainbow! And the jewellery, wow, I couldnt wait to tell everyone here about the way everyone wore so much!

    Apparently the bride recieves jewelery as her wedding gift, and in traditional times this would give her something to sell if her h. died etc. Well, I could see the way everyone tried to outdo each other, but it was all good fun to watch the eye candy.

    There was much bright orange gold which looks devine on the Indian skin. Diamonds were everywhere, but not firey ones as far as I could tell, so Im guessing all were bought for size and brightness but not cut!

    ETA, the girls told me that the spectacular jewellery that they were wearing is only worn with their saris and not with their western clothes! Ap-parently the sari lends itself to looking fab. with the woman being covered in jewels from head to toe!
    Sorry that I dont have any photos, I only had about 20 minutes notice that I was going to this event, and was very unprepared!

    I was the only blonde blue eyed person there!!!
  2. OOooohhh!!! Tell me more!!!:graucho:
  3. Well, I am no real expert, and this is just what I think is true! (My h.s father is Indian and his mother is western).

    Indian people generally see everyone as having a place in society. So you are either higher or lower on the `scale`. Your place is very important because that determines who might marry you or not!!!! In traditional times it would not have been possible to marry outside your caste.

    The sari and jewellery that you wear say much about your position. Its like an unspoken language.

    I had a lot of fun asking some of the girls who was wearing the best sari and jewellery. To me most of the saris looked the same quality, but to the diserning Indian eye, some were top notch, and others were yesterdays news!!!!

    Apparently the biggest look in saris at the moment is shades of black graduating to grey and white with lots of silver rhynstones or sovarsky crystals. Very sexy and glamerous!!!!

    The jewellery were more show pieces that looked more costumy than westerners are used to. eg one lady had a neclase with many layers of very fine orange gold that hungt down her chest (like a bib). There were diamonds througout each layer of gold, giving an effect of hundreds of diamonds suspended or floating on their own.

    Another lady had earrings with jewells going from the top of her ear to the lobe, and then some dangling from her lobe. She had a very ornate neclace to match.

    Most girls had hundreds of bangles (with diamonds) going up their arms, much was not real, but you really couldnt tell. The very rich women wore huge diamond studs about 4 ctw and in general their diamonds were bigger on the jewellery!

    BTW, diamonds seemed to be the main attraction as opposed to any colored gems or pearls.

    My jewellery was very understated and I was kicking myself about my tennis bracelet being broken (I wanted to talk the diamond talk!). I felt ok with my 18mm pearl pendant with diamond setting......but not marvelous!!!! And I was spewing about wearing a shortl black dress and sandles. In caste language my outfit was definately saying `maid`!! :crybaby:
  4. yep far east or middle east jewellery taste is far different then western favoured styles :yes:
    but it sound like a fantastic evening you had
  5. Nah!!!! You were the gorgy blonde, blue eyed babe who most probly stood out in the crowd, not to mention the only one who had a gigantic pearl!!!:graucho: I expected lots of colored gems but apparently not. Where do they get their jewels? Are they mostly heirlooms?
  6. india and the middle and near east have a huge gigantic jewelery industry. but could as well be heirlooms or pieces from top european houses
  7. wow! would have been nice to see pics of that event!!!
  8. I am 99% sure they get their jewellery from India, where they trust the supplier who knows their taste....and they all have their special contacts where they can get the best deals. India has a gigantic diamond industry, but maybe with less consideration for cut, and more on size. Unless I am imagining, or the lighting was the reason, none of the diamonds seemed firey, although they were definately blingy.....and I wouldnt knock any of them back!

    The pressure to have the most is enormous (imo) and Im sure many want size above anything else. The crowd was a mixture of affluent and upper middle class people....not multimillionaires. It was a spectacular show but nothing compared to when I once went to India and witnessed a wedding where the couple were beyond wealthy.

    The wedding had a procession that went for miles of elephants and musicians and lantern holders. At the front (or end, cant remember) were the bride and groom. The groom had wearing an uncut ruby in his turbin that was the size of an egg, as well as around his neck!!! This was 15 years ago and I remember my h. saying that the uncut ruby would be worth about a million dollars! The couple put on a party for uninvited guests that we indulged in. This was a seperate party to the one for the invited guests. Obviously money was no object for this couple!!!!

    India is the place of extreem wealth, and the women really know how to work their jewellery!!!!!:wlae:
  9. I promice next time! Maybe even in the next 3 weeks. There might be one more function on I hope!
  10. OMG sounds totally fab! i love extreme and different cultures, I would love to see some of the outfits and jewelery definitely not my personal style (not understated white metal and small diamond type) but i would appreciate it.
  11. I am Indian..I do a ton of jewelry shopping in India. Actually, who am I kidding, I do ALL my jewelry shopping there. The stuff in India is just SO much more unique and special to me..I live here in the United States but I go back every year to visit family and it's nice to have a little piece of India with me every day!

    The jewelry you see in won't find anywhere else. Which is why I love wearing one else will have anything like it. I don't really like stores like Tiffany's and Mikimoto becuase everyone jewelry from there and it's all plain! Granted I have seen some beautiful pieces from there but it's just not my style..

    We don't only go for size..we don't try to have the "most". We want what's unique and stunning. We go for cut too..Indian women are VERY smart about jewelry, carat sizes, settings, etc. Also, there are the "it" designs in jewelry..some styles are more popular than others in a certain season so that dictates what kind of stuff people buy. Like a couple years ago, uncut diamonds were all the rage, and a couple years before that "antique" jewelry (stuff that looked vintage but was really made like 2 weeks ago by the jeweler) was in. I'm not quite sure what's "IN" for jewelry right now but I"m going there for Christmas so I guess i'll find out.
  12. ^^ well said :smile: I'm Indian as well and this post made me miss home (not india, arizona LOL!) They just had their "nye" (aka diwali) festival yesterday and I kept getting text mesg updates of who was wearing what! LOL!

    Seriously it is ALL about fashion, people start deciding what they are going to wear MONTHS in advance and the jewlery is almost always made to complement the outfit! :smile:

    My mom is actually in India right now to shop for my engagement outfit and just had a couple of 24 carat sets a set is typically a necklace and matching earrings and the earrings typically (at least the ones i like) cover your ENTIRE ear, not just hang from your lobes!

    Most jewerly is 24/22 carat gold...UNLESS there is diamonds in there, then it is 18 kt!

    Platinum was huge for a bit, but then it was Rhodium

    Uncut diamonds are still around (My finance's family just bought me a set with uncut diamonds, rubies and pearls)....SO PRETTY :smile:

    The outfits are amazing, but the sad part is you bassically can only wear it once! Lol! after everyone sees you in it, you pretty much have to retire it!

    My fav indian designer is sheetal...check them out

    BUT I think i may have a different perspective than most indians on this forum...i was basically born and raised in arizona, so I have grown to love "American" jewelry more than indian jewels...sure it's fun to dress up now and then, BUT id much rather have my tiffany's any day! :smile:
  13. I think it all depends on the outfit you wear. I have my glitzy glamorous large chokers (in 22kt of course!), matching earrings and bangles to wear with saris...and very simple and clean cut jewelery I wear with everyday western outfits.
  14. OMG!!! Im drooling again :drool:I hope you can post pics of your collection!!! :yahoo:
  15. I have a friend who has a collection of saris with a modern twist and she's not even Indian. She wears them at some cocktail parties and looks fab!!! I would love to own one as I find saris really beautiful!!!