In defense of Michael Kors

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  1. I'm currently lemming after an LV Neo Noe bag and while browsing a department store I saw Michael Kors have come out with their own version of the Neo Noe, but in a wider rang of colours. So while hopefully I'll get the LV bag, after seeing all the other colours and the variations of the MK bag I may pick up one of those. To me MK provides people with the opportunity to get high end designer inspired bags at a fraction of the price in a wide range of colours and materials a win/win situation.
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    I love my LV and YSL bags but I also love my MK. Sorry not sorry. The variety of colours is amazing, they are super functional plus they were an affordable option in my early 20's .
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  3. Totally agree that brands like MK are quite a nice way for younger people to get into more expensive things
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  4. To me, still... like every other bag he has some stuff that looks beautiful. But its really getting to a point where he has way too many ordinary cheap designs out, like Calvin klein
  5. I like that he has tried to come out with limited edition bags. They’re very beautiful and and I think he only makes like 500 or so of each. Probably the biggest reason I’m a Michael Kors fan is because I’ve had very good luck with his bags over the years. For me anyway, they seem to last much longer than other brands before showing wear on the leather or hardware.
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  6. This might not be a popular opinion, but I believe most people buy luxury bags as a status symbol. Then, some of these people look down on bags they used to carry like Michael Kors.
  7. I have found MK bags to be actually really good quality. Apart from the outlet bags, which look like fake MK bags! For me, the issue with MK bags is that I feel they are young, entry-level to designer names. Even though the bags are not necessarily young styles, the brand is popular among older teens and 20-somethings before they can afford LV etc. I would not dream of buying the MK logo bags now but I do own the Adele double-zip crossbody in plain black leather. It is my Celine trio dupe!
  8. I prefer the MK Collection bags but I see plenty of women who aren't young carrying MK bags where I live. I think the replaced Coach as the most commonly seen around town in the middle class areas.
  9. Yeah I think there is quite a difference in customer base between the UK (where I am) and the US. Here in the UK, Kors bags are definitely popular among the young adults. The Rhea backpack is literally everywhere but I think it is because it is a practical, well-made, relatively affordable backpack. I kind of prefer MK to Coach as I find their bags a little mumsy.
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  10. Michael Kors was completely ruined for me whenever I spotted every unfashionable, poorly dressed woman wearing it. Recently I was asked for spare change by a homeless guy and he was wearing a MK jacket.

    The brand is found in TJ and Marshalls in piles and piles. Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything MK.
  11. I have a few MK bags, especially since I had no desire to pay $1500 for a purse (I still won't pay anywhere near that for a bag). The bags I have, I have worn and loved and they get used pretty hard in my daily life. They still look great and barely show their age. And frankly, I think they're a lot nicer looking than LV Monogram. I personally think LV monogram is hideous and would never, ever wear it no matter how much money I have.
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  12. I just got an Abbey backpack from the outlet and I love it. The pebbled leather is soft but it doesn’t flop about too much. As it was relatively affordable, I don’t feel so concerned ‘throwing it about’ like I would if it were £1k+. MK bags definitely have a place in the market. Bags snobs can say that they like!
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  13. *what (not that)
  14. I wouldn't go as far as to say LV mono bags are hideous but I just see so many of them around and I can't tell a real one from a fake.
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  15. I am an equal opportunity handbag lover. My collection consist of everything from luxury designers like Gucci, LV, Balenciaga and Prada. I own many contemporary brands like MK, Coach, MCM, and Kate Spade.
    If a bag works for me and is comfortable, I wear it. I love my different handbags to choose from according to the occasion.
    I do love my MK backpack because it's light to carry and so functional. I own solid light rose color leather MK backpack no logo on it and people think I have spent hundreds of dollars on it but I got it at outlet for 99.00 during Christmas sale.
    I also own the ivory studded MK backpack which I love using for travel.