In defense of Michael Kors

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  1. Of course I do not mean to directly offend, as this response was not directed towards anybody in particular, but I will not hesitate to admit that I have absolutely no respect for people who look down on others simply for the brands they carry or like. People who think like that are in fact a joke, so "jokers" is the nicest term I could think of. It's upsetting in the first place because there are definitely people on this site who think they are better than others because of certain brands or bags or other items they have. I've seen it many times in different sections and threads of this site. That's unacceptable to me, I'm sorry if you do not feel the same.

  2. Hey great analogy between purse snobs and film snubs hehe. Especially because I adore movies and I think Movie snobs are quite Annoying and they also think Superhero movies not made by Nolan are garbage.

    If something is popular is because of a reason and speaks to a lot of people. I was never a fan of twilight but some of my friends were and I do recognize it had a few good things. Starting with choosing the right actor for it.

    But going to the bags I do love MK and all the other contemporary brands. I think MK and Tory Burch price point is a little too high but I still love those two a lot.

    I think it’s much spending 4,000 dollars for a bag but if someone does it’s fine too. I wouldn’t but I don’t find find wrong if some women go for those. They are gorgeous bags but if you find something you like as much for a better price that’s even better.
  3. Well this escalated quickly.
  4. well I don't carry LV or Hermes but to me seeing a brand Everywhere diminishes the value. That's my opinion and you have yours. I'm not a joker.
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  5. This thread is very amusing.

    1. Michael by Michael Kors is a boring brand. Its overexposure and its struggle to control value have really diminished its appeal over the years (no one is willing to pay retail for a MMK bag these days, that’s just a fact). However, I think MMK offers decent handbag options for budget conscious buyers and I understand why it’s still popular.
    2. The vast majority of films released in the United States is complete garbage meant to entertain the populace. It’s okay to be a snob! The cultural and intellectual level of this world seems lower than ever, and some revel in mediocrity. One famously said “I love the uneducated” before a cheering crowd! I’m proud to have standards: kill me.
  6. I think you are missing my point about film snobs. I'm not talking about people who dislike Twilight, but those who complain about the fans, and act as if they are more intellectual than others (because someones tastes in movies is a great indicator of intelligence, right? lol)

    And no, it's never okay to act snobbish towards other people. No matter how 'uneducated' they are.
  7. True. Let people enjoy what they like.
    And strange but some people do feel smarter because they enjoy certain films or directors. Some films do require attention and have a faster dialogue and all around more complex but because it’s a complex movie doesn’t mean something like Avengers is bad.
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  8. :hbeat::hbeat:
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  9. We all have different tastes. I think that Avengers is bad. :P
  10. But are you a smoker or a midnight toker? :nuts:
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  11. Yes
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  12. I think that the people who constantly feel the need to vocalize their hate for MK the most, are the very ones who only buy designer goods based on the brand/name. Fendi, Gucci, LV are famous for their monogram bags and slg's, so I never understood the hate when more affordable designers do the same.
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  13. I think some see a difference in the use of monogram or logo patterns when it's a modern creation (like it is the case with Michael Kors and other brands) vs. when it is a heritage element of the brand (Goyard, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.).
    Just guessing, of course.
  14. And yet there you are.
    Pot meet kettle
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  15. I don't hate MK bags but I think the market is oversaturated. As far as monogram or logo bags, I don't like any of the fabric bags of that type. To me the LV mono bags are also seen too much and I can't tell the difference between a real one and a fake.