In defense of Michael Kors

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  1. I'm partial to the original, damier, print for bags, and LV slgs my preferences are based off of color combos. I also see a lot of LV (mono), Chanel (boy bags/reissue), and Gucci (mostly slgs), but it doesn't detract the love I have for my own teeny collection.
  2. I think that's natural. Many people love the nostalgia and history tied in with more senior/established brands and actual design houses. But they were all nascent at one point.
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  3. Don't get what you mean. I dislike people who judge others based purely on bags they carry? And also don't understand why people get upset in the first place over others carrying brands they don't respect? I think you're reaching for something that's not there, since you failed to bold the next part of the sentence which clarified the first part.

  4. That’s fine, to not like Logo bags they can get a little overwhelming like you are carrying an advertisement product but but hating a brand because of the logo I find it a little odd.
    Non of the brands which use logo on their purses do it in all their styles.

    Actually you can see with many MK bags they have the logo version or the ones with a single color and that’s it.
  5. "...but hating a brand because of the logo I find it a little odd."
    I agree. Especially since this seems to be the very reason that people love "higher" end brands/designers.
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  6. I have bought a used MK jet set tote bag from a thriftstore. I did my research and the bag seems genuine (looks exactly as in pictures, inside is very nice, has a serial number, logo seems to be proper). I spent 10 euros. The bottom corners were worn, the straps were pretty much irrepairable. I fixed the corners with some leather rubber, changed the straps to proper full grain leather straps that will last longer than original ones.
    However, because of how the bag bends at the bottom saffiano leather is cracking. It's not a great leather. Probably it's some cheap leather covered in plastic, which is breaking. Seeing that, I wouldn't buy a new MK bag, cause I don't think it's worth the price.
    Also, my relative has MK bag in saffiano leather too. While the bag looks ok, the straps are worn out completely. In my country it's not possible to buy original replacement straps.
    If I'd ever buy a new MK bag, it wouldn't be in saffiano leather. And I would look for a bag with easily replaceable straps. But probably I will never buy one again, unless it's very cheap and fixable.
    Taking about the design, I do see some nice MK bags. The logo is a bit too obvious.
  7. I have Michael Kora bags that have lasted many years, well made no issues at all. My handbag collection consists of Coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton , Gucci, Balenciaga, MCM, and others that are not famous brand that I have purchased in Century 21 department store, Dillard's, Macy's. I am an equal opportunity handbag lover. I carry what makes me happy not what the latest style is or popular today. I go for comfort and which bag works for me.
    Enjoy your bags regardless if it's luxury brand or department store brand. Life is too short enjoy your handbags!
  8. I have bought both MK bags and luxury (mainly Proenza Schouler).

    My issue with MK is the bags are not great quality. One of my MK bags is falling apart, the tassle on it has lost tassles and some have even broken in half. The zipper also never really worked on the bag. I had two others which I have recently sold, the canvas used for the monogram print always felt cheap and rough, and it caused the bags appearance to be bulkier than it actually is. That would be my biggest complaint - the quality.

    Don't get me wrong though, I kept two bags from MK but I don't plan on using them anymore - the one that is falling apart actually has great sentimental value and memories attached to it. The other one I am still on the fence about selling. I also have an MK sequined hoodie in my closet, kept mainly because I love sparkles and I couldn't sell it on Poshmark.
  9. Hi
    I just thought I’d pop my 2p in
    I’m from the UK, here MK is still a “designer “ handbag
    Obviously it’s not up there with LV or Chanel , but it’s still recognised as a step above your high street buys
    To be quite honest, I Couldn’t afford a LV or my dream Chanel , even if I saved for 10 years.
    I don’t look at those bags, I don’t dream about those bags because it makes me unhappy and unfulfilled . MK is a brand I can comfortably afford a couple of times a year. I spend ages looking at what bags suit my lifestyle and what bags will be used ,not bought and never touched.
    Years ago I bought river island bags and honestly felt so proud of myself to be carrying a handbag worth £40, now my most expensive MK bag was £1000 and I can still look and appreciate my friends river island bags.
    Even high street stores copy high end designers , it’s what sells. So it really doesn’t bother me that somewhere in the world there’s a bag 10 times the price of my MK that looks almost the same .
    I absolutely adore all my bags and one day if I ever am lucky enough to own a Chanel I know I will still love my MK bags, because they were bought at a time when I thought I was doing well for myself and proud to own them.
    I feel getting petty over designers , is as bad as comparing diamonds on engagement rings.
    No one should be entitled to put another person down because it’s not “ as expensive “ as whatever they have.
    I love MK bags because I can afford them, I’m not spending my life miserable pining for handbags I can never afford just to say I own a “luxury “ handbag
    That’s all lol

  10. I’m from Mexico and here also MK is considered a designer bag like you said is not Chanel but it’s considered a very good brand and like you I don’t buy Luxury bags either. There are some that I love to look at but not into buying them.

    It’s really great you are proud of getting the bags you can afford and saying I got this bag for have a great style philosophy congratulations really.
    More women would be a lot happier if they thought like you. It’s ok to buy Lzv and Chanel but not getting frustrated for not getting them and fall into the publicity madness of spending all your savings in a 1 000 dollars bag.

    It would be cool if you made a blog or write an article about it to make more girls happy on getting more affordable fashion.
  11. I’ll buy whatever I like, after a certain threshold of quality. That said, I dislike ANY instantly-recognizable-saturated bag. MKs that are exact copy of saturated high end bags like I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole - because I also would never buy the high end version. It’s just not my style. More power to people who want to carry a Chanel Reissue, I will never ever carry or desire one. I wouldn’t wear a Birkin if someone paid me to, despite easily being able to afford one.

    It’s not that I look down on common bags or think less of people who love them - it’s just that it doesn’t fit with my life or fashion style. If I want the bag to pop, I’ll do it with color. That’s actually my favorite use for cheaper brands - a 2nd hand Proenza PS1 bag in a bright pink or green is around $300 and is an instant outfit-maker. Not cheap-cheap but you get the point, hopefully...
  12. I feel the same about LV, I don’t find them pretty bags, I find the colours mundane and I would only be buying into the brand to say hey, I own a LV, not because I like the bags and for me that’s pointless.
    Years and years ago (I almost forgot it was that long ago) I was desperate for a second hand Chloé bag, I couldn’t afford one, it was silly really but I went ahead and bought the cheapest one I could find in a colour that I did not like just so I finally had a “chloe” bag. I was very young and that bag sat in a cupboard unused for 18months until I sold it for the price I bought it for, to fund a pushchair for my soon to be newborn .
    Great that I sold it for what I bought it for, MK don’t have the same resale value, but did I get any value out of the bag? Did I use and love the bag like I love my MKs, was I proud to walk round with it.. no I hated the colour and I didn’t even really like the bag only the lock aspect of it.
    At least I can say With my Mk bags nope they are not the most luxurious but they certainly are pretty... prettier then a lot of high end designer bags I see, and they make me happy- and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, everyone should find their happiness and be confident and comfortable with it regardless of negative opinions of people you don’t even know :smile:

  13. That’s so true and that’s what I love about MK they have a bag fir every woman and taste. Whatever type of bag you are looking for you will find it.
    If you are classic there is a bag for you if you are feeling more edgy and wild there is also a bag for you.

    I’m a huge fan of the brand some seasons more than others but I’ve always liked it. There was a Time I owned a big bag collection but now I’ve decided to not have that many instead just one or two that really gonna wear and that’s why I go for the classic bag or my friends would say the boring black they always tease me on a good way not evilly at all but they always tell I am obsessed with black bags but i always tell these are bags I’m always gonna wear and go with everything.
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  14. I tend to feel like MMK takes it too far with the "inspired by" looks. It's one thing for brands to make bags that are similar shapes - there are only so many ways to make a bag. It's another thing entirely for a brand to make a bag that matches shape, material, color way, *and* embellishments of another designer's bag that just happens to be popular this season. I can't scroll through Michael Kors bag selections without thinking "oh, that's a knockoff of the Neverfull, there's a knockoff of the Sac du Jour" - the bags are just too recognizable as imitations of more expensive designer bags. Other contemporary brands - Coach, Kate Spade, etc. might make bags that are similar, but they put enough of their own stamp on the bags that I can look at them and think "that's a Coach bag," instead of "that's an MMK knock-off of _____."

    To be fair, other people consider that a feature. People will recommend MMK bags on the basis of "this one is like the Chanel flap, but much less expensive," etc. There's nothing necessarily wrong with going with a less expensive, similar-style bag, from a legitimate design house. It's certainly better than buying out-and-out fakes. It might even be a good idea to try a style of bag in the $200-300 version before you shell out thousands for a bag that might not actually fit your lifestyle. It's just not to my taste.

    Getting past that, I just haven't been that impressed with Michael Kors bags in person either. They just don't speak to me enough to want to buy them - the materials, colors, styles have been fairly bland at the price points that I shop at. There have been some Michael Kors Collection pieces that were quite nice, but that's entering a luxury price point that's out of my range.

    All in all, though - I'd much rather someone buy a real MMK bag than a fake LV or YSL or whatever. And most people who aren't bag nerds won't notice that a bag is a derivative design. Most people I know think it's outlandish to spend $200 on a bag - $2000+ is downright insane by that standard. I think I'd get chased out of my family if I ever showed up carrying a really expensive luxury bag, lol.
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  15. Hey great post, it’s cool you said I don’t like MMK because it’s almost like a dupe of a high end brand but admit that for some that’s a good feature. and I’m on that group I most admit.

    I do love and recognize many high end brands and their purses but it’s quite hard for me to afford one so I go for a Michael Kors. I think it’s a great opportunity for girls who want a certain high end purse that they look impossible to buy to get a Michael by Michael Kors instead.

    I don’t think all their purses are that blatant copies. I admit a few really are like the Mercer it’s almost identical to the Sac de Jour and there is one tote which it’s almost identical of the never full.

    But while Michael by Michael Kors has had many quilted bags that could give you the Chanel flap feel he hasn’t made one an almost identical one yet.

    I actually want MMK to do the Alma BB like purse or the twist but nothing so far.

    Kate Spade has the similar one to the twist but they haven’t gotten the black one on a good sale and the same goes for the similar to the Alma BB. They have one in black but still not on sale hehe.

    And yes it’s better to get an almost identical inspired by purse from a legal brand than a fake LV