In defense of Michael Kors

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  1. hey everyone I made this post to defend this contemporary handbags brand

    Sadly every luxury bags lover hate Michael Kors
    Most say he is tacky, the logo all over the place and many claim bad quality.

    About the Logo not all his bags are with logo, he has many which are just the color and the name in a small placate. In many of his bags he even abandoned the MK charm for a beautiful luck which says Michael Kors with small letters.

    About the tacky stuff I think many contemporary brands a few items which don’t exactly scream good taste.

    You go to an MK store or any apartment stores which carries Michael Kors and you find a big variety of purses. It goes from sporty, to formal, casual and a lot of bags which are perfect to take from day to night and also that same bag dress it up or down.
    I think his quality is pretty good all MK bags have been in good conditions for two years or more.

    While Michael by Michael Kors is not high end it has many other nice attributes to see.
  2. The problem is MMK doesn't design, they just put their logo on designs others have done. This also takes away from the higher end MKC brand.
  3. That's a fair post, OP! I'm kind of sick of people in the luxury community who think hating on MK will make them seem 'controversial' and 'edgy.' Like, I'm into movies, tv shows & books and let me tell you: the people who are bashing Michael Kors are the exact same people who spent years whining about Twilight and Titanic. People try way too hard to look 'cool.' Like, grow up!

    Whilst there are valid reasons for not liking the brand, I do think many people take it too far. Let me say: there is a difference between disliking a brand and being snobbish about it. It's fine to dislike any brand- MK or Louis Vuitton! Yet there reaches a point where you should reign in the hatred a bit. No brand is perfect, but neither are our attitudes, sometimes!

    I don't hate Michael Kors, and I don't shop there because I think the items look bland. But to many, a Michael Kors bag represents their hard work, determination, etc. Or maybe it was a gift, and the bag represents their bond with another human being. Let's not be judgemental! The people I know who wear MK bags are extremely busy and social. They need a big bag to carry stuff, and if Kors bags do the job, then that's fine.

    I'd like to do more research on Michael Kors Collection because I've only heard good things about it.
  4. Great generalization! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
    I don't care what others think of me and my opinions are my own. (And I never watched one second of Twilight.) If you feel it's nice and smart to talk like that about people who have different opinions than you, I feel like there's a lot of growing up to do.
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  5. Oh my gosh. Did you miss the many disclaimers I included that I wasn't talking about everyone who dislikes Michael Kors? Did you interpret my post as a personal attack on your opinion? If so, why? Where in my post did I attack you?

    Seeing as you told me to grow up, I could make a snarky remark about your reading comprehension. But I won't.
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  6. Ooooh dear. :rolleyes:
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  7. You have not answered a single one of my questions.

    And to be clear, I was talking about people who act SNOBBY against Michael Kors, not people who dislike it. Hell, I dislike MK! So, what the hell is your point?
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  8. MK is laughing all the way to the bank and in all likelihood doesn't give a flying fig what people think as there are still multitudes of shoppers who buy his stuff. The brand has fallen off from the high point of a few years ago but is still popular.
    I have some of his early stuff but his blatant copy catting really turned me off.
  9. I def agree that Michael Kors is quite the businessman! To me, his bags define the word 'okay.' I much prefer Coach and Kate Spade over MK, because I think they are more exciting brands to wear.
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  10. edit: okay this got very long. Im having my morning coffee and was bored so i wrote all my thoughts down. :biggrin::biggrin:
    Honestly I don’t get the hate either. I understand disliking a brand but some of the ladies here sound like they have mental and emotional issues just from how angry they talk about a fashion brand and it’s aesthetic. Like seriously they’ll say the most horrible things in the book not only about Mk but also of the women who wears them. Lol it’s crazy and sometimes i wonder if they’re psychotic in real life.haha :P

    A lot of them (not all) really are just trying to be edgy and seem like they’re too high up and classy like they’ll only wear LoUiS vUiTton, when in reality they really only have 1 monogram canvas LV like a speedy or neverfull but they already feel like theyre socialites from the 1%. I mean lets be honest, even the ones who have 100 pcs of lv monogram, leather, limited edition, they’re still not 1% elite or royals to be looking down on people.

    Admittedly, ive been in those threads and have liked lots of snarky comments that are shaming mk. But only ones that are still funny and not those that are borderline mental breakdown personal attacks on mk bag owners. But i remember there was one thread where this one lady who is mk fan got really into it with an lv fan. The thread got shut down. I was obvs on the side of the lv fan because the mk fan was very misinformed almost delusional.

    I’ve personally never bought anything from michael kors, not because i think it’s overall tacky or hate the brand, for me it’s just that id much rather put a little more money and get something from high end labels because i feel it’s more worth it in the long run. Also if im going to spend mid range money on bags, id be looking at coach first because the brand has a richer longer history.

    For me tacky is like mcm bags, i do like them, but id be in denial if i said theyre “classy”. Lv monogram can be tacky to some people. Mk bags in general aren’t really tacky. The mk monogram though is just repulsive ugh, I don’t understand why he makes those. I wish he’d try to make his monogram bags a little more subtle or just not have them at all. Another thing that people find tacky about the brand is that, mk is almost always the first one to copy trends from other brands but they do them where it’s almost a counterfeit except with mk as a label. Also they somehow end up making it much uglier. Givenchy antigona, and lv archlight are some of the ones they copied closely. But in general, if you didnt know much about fashion and can easily spot “inspired-by” designs, mk has a pretty discreet looking selection.

    I noticed that the mk hate is really only present in the states and a little bit in canada. In europe, people doesn’t look down on it or think it’s tacky. A lot of “un-americanized” rich Scandinavians wear mk actually. But then again, in my observation, scandinavians arent really people who crave/flaunt labels, they’re more like to shop at high end dept stores and buy whatever's in there. They dont hunt for brands, but more so for style. Same thing in asia, mk is still very popular, it’s still a coveted brand. Maybe that’s another reason why lots of americans hate mk, because “poor unassuming asians” think mk is the ****. Haha

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    I've never bought MK nor would I be likely to, simply because the style doesn't appeal to me. However, several of my friends wear MK bags and watches. I've never once thought to look down on them for their choice. To my personal taste, a large gold MK watch is garish, but to them it is divine! It's about your personal style and how you express that style.

    Brand wars in general are ridiculous, and to be judged by the brand you prefer is unreasonable. In the end, these bags are an expression of one's style, but more importantly, they're just bags that function to help us carry our things.
    From the brand's point of view, they will always have customers and they couldn't care less for the ones who take an issue with their plagiarism.
    It is the customers who are making an overly emotional investment into a product and a design house that isn't necessary- nor is it healthy as we are investing in and fighting for (in threads like these) nothing more than a product, not something substantially fulfilling like an education.

    For some people, MK is the gateway to bigger brands. They may have worked hard to be able to afford it. If they feel good carrying those bags, let them enjoy without judgement. It is different from those carrying super-fakes of LV/ YSL/ Chanel where there are more complicated ethical breeches in play.

    Edit to add: I wasn't previously aware of MK's plagiarism until I read about it on some of the threads here. I think if it crosses a line from 'loosely inspired by' to 'essentially carbon copied', it is sound advice to avoid the brand entirely. However, I don't think choosing to stay away from the brand oneself then entitles us to shame others who are customers of the brand. That is a line that doesn't need to be crossed.
  12. I'm sure you're right that he's laughing all the way to the bank Poopsie.
    the problem I have with the MK bags is I see them everywhere I go. So for me that detracts from any "designer" image they may have had. I used to feel that way about Coach logo bags but MK seems to have taken their place in my local market.
    I do like MK Collection bags though (at least some of them).
    Call me a bag snob but this is how I feel.
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    I agree with pretty much all of this. I only own one MK piece, bought recently and very much loved, though probably will not buy another any time soon simply because there's not many styles I like enough to buy, but I always get a good laugh out of people who bash not just this brand, but brands they feel are beneath them like Kate Spade or Coach or the contemporary brands that don't typically run into the four figures. Which usually are LV or Chanel fangirls, from what I've seen, though there are of course more. I see talk about why they choose the more expensive brands over the "lower" ones, because of the history of the house, the quality, yada yada yada. In reality, none of these brands are particularly special compared to the next. Sure, some have been in business longer than others, but every single one of them charges out the ass for bags/accessories that cost a minuscule fraction of their retail cost to make, and really aren't as good quality as everybody carries on about. I will say that a lot of these bags are better quality than obviously a Walmart bag, but not really worth their actual cost. You're paying for the logo on the front of the bag.

    And as for the points I've seen about MK or Coach being carried everywhere and they are too common, etc., these jokers are the same ones complaining how they had to sell their precious LV (of course there are other brands, I've just seen this pulled more often with LV) because they saw too many other women carrying it and it just didn't feel special anymore. Obviously you only cared about the brand/status of the bag and how it made you look to others, otherwise if you REALLY liked it, your fragile mindset of exclusivity wouldn't have been so broken by other women carrying the same canvas sack.

    Do pardon my rambling, this crap just is so amusing to me lol. Brands borrow other's styles, even make their own copies that are more affordable, because not everybody wants to blow $4000 on a leather bag that can only hold six lipsticks and one credit card, or cares about what other people think about what brands they carry. I will say that I do look down on people who are condescending towards brands like MK or Coach or Rebecca Minkoff or any of these contemporary brands. Carrying a $3000 luxury bag doesn't make you any more special or illustrious or important than a woman carrying a Kate Spade, or even a Target bag. They're sacks to carry our crap. Nobody should be getting their panties in a twist over anything to do with this stuff, when it comes to being offended that MK copied your bag's style so women of a lower income (or people who just don't want to spend five car payments on a bag) can carry it so it makes you or your bag look bad. Ridiculous.
  14. Before I joined TPF, then started viewing the LV forum, I had no idea MK bags were "inspired", (copied, knocked off, whatever) from LV. I was not able to afford LV so I never bothered looking at their bags. I shopped the bags I could afford and saw several MK bags I loved and bought them. I wasn't trying to "be like" anyone. If I see a MK, Coach, Dooney, RM, Target, etc, bag in my price range and I love it, I buy it.
    I was in Paris in July and I saw several women carrying MK CBBs. They're great bags to carry while traveling. My most recent purchase was in Paris. I bought a 21,00 Euro ($25.00 U.S. Dollars) CBB that I love carrying! It's my weekend, walking/riding buses bag, and it works well!
  15. we're all entitled to express our opinions here. not nice to call other members "jokers"
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