In defense of Michael Kors

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  1. I used to own several of Selma bags, I own also a pair of ballerinas (copy of chanel probably), some ankle boots that every time i try to wear end up hurting my feet as the right one IS SHORTER than the left one of the same size by 1.5cm (actually measured) where they wouldn't even care to replace or anything just refunded me, and also the zipper stopped working after 1 month while being worn 4 times (and that's a 250€ shoe). I also have a jumpsuit and wedges.
    The only problematic shoe is the boot, and the size of the jumpsuit(hell I am not 0).
    I have dozens of tommy hilfiger shoes that cost 100€ less at worst and they did not have this quality.
    I don't hate the brand, and I like the styles that are genuine, I just wish he stopped copying LV and other brands (take a look at the sneaker and boot section 90% is blatantly copied from AW19 of designer brands).
    Bottom line I wouldn't purchase clothes again (I prefer Ralph Lauren anyway) and definitely not the copied styles.
  2. It comes down to people with 'follower' mentality. They go with whatever is popular at the moment and SOME even go as far as to trash or criticise that which is not 'en vogue'.

    I remember from 2006(?)-2012 Coach was all the rage. In 2012 everyone then jumped on the Michael Kors bandwagon and looked down on Coach. Now people are critical of Michael Kors. Trends come and go and lots of people follow the trends intristically and can even act superior because they're keeping up with the trends.

    I honestly don't follow trends. Leather or logo is okay with me as long as I like the style. Brands don't matter to me, I love many brands when it comes to slgs.

    There will always be people who are very curt or blunt in their opinions. There are others who have more tact with their opinions. Luxury brands are also not always better than contemporary brands, and people with luxury brands are not better than those with contemporary brands (and vise a versa).

    I like Michael Kors brands. I don't mind the logo patterns, vs leather vs saffiano.

    There will always be people who love or hate something. There will always be people who MUST be highly critical of things vs those that are modest. There will always be people who feel their opinion is fact vs those that know their opinion is just that.

    Ignore the 'negative Nancy's'. It says more about them when they're critical than anyone else.

    If you like Michael Kors embrace it. Or whatever brands you like, forget what someone else thinks of your bag.

    Happy Tuesday!!
  3. a bit OT but sometimes MK makes the same bag in their high end Collection line and in the MBMK.....I had bought one years ago at the MK store. It was the collection bag. Then I saw one that was essentially the same in the cheaper version at Macys. It spoiled it for me. I returned the bag.
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  4. Well with clothes for everyone fits different things since we all have different body shapes. For example I’ve never liked BCBG on me. I don’t know what it is but those dresses just doesn’t fit me.

    Though with Michael Kors I did find LBD that I loved so clothes is a whole different beast lol and I have a pair of sneakers from MK I love too and find really comfortable.

    But clothes and shoes it’s all about how they fit on us. Probably it’s why I like bags the most you don’t worry if they fit or not. It’s just if you like them or not.
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  5. #50 Sep 17, 2019
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    I think people should wear whatever they like. Everyone's taste is different, and there is no right or wrong here. Different tastes are simply that – different tastes. Styles you like, styles you don't, how it handles, how easy it is to get things in and out of it, etc.

    Fake bags are another thing though, not a judgement. There are so many reasons not to support that activity, in addition to it being illegal.
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  6. I use to love MK a lot several years ago.
    That was until I was hunting for fresh new bag to replace my worn out coach and MK bags.

    I was in a department store looking for a specific quilted leather MK bag, and a sales associate pulled me aside and urged me not to buy a MK bag, claiming that the quality was not very good and they wont last as long as brands like Coach and Brahmin.

    Ever since then, I can't bring myself to look at another MK bag again.
    I wouldn't shame anyone for loving the brand though.
  7. that was one person's opinion
    did the MK bags you had before wear well?
  8. I had a monogram canvas tote with brown leather handles. There wasn't anything wrong with it. It held up fine. It wasn't for me anymore.
    At the time, I was hunting for a leather bag, and my lack of experience with leather bags had me easily persuaded away from MK

    Now that I think about it. The MK canvas tote did hold up exceptionally well compared to a Coach canvas type bag. The coach one has quite a bit of fraying
  9. I don't have that much experience with MBMK bags. I do have two of the Collection bags and they're very nice. Coach as far as I know is decent quality.
    Brahmin are probably very durable but a whole different vibe - depends whether you like that.
    I would go more by what you find here on the PF than one person's opinion.
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  10. I think this is a fact that sometimes gets overlooked on TPF. Years ago, one of the first handbags I bought that cost me more than $20 - $30 dollars was HEAVILY inspired by the Balenciaga City bag. It wasn't an imitation or fake bag, it didn't claim to be made by them and it wasn't trying to be a 1-to-1 replica. Anyone who knows the real thing would immediately see major differences -- but anyone who knows the real thing would also realize exactly why my bag looked the way it did.

    I didn't know any of this back then, though. I had just learned what Coach was, had just been introduced to Dooney & Bourke -- and I was completely unaware of the designs of any major international fashion houses. I mean, I probably knew Chanel used chain but beyond that... I just didn't have the money or interest at that point, I was freaking working around the clock & had other hobbies (like napping, lol). And I carried my Balenciaga-inspired bag for a super long time.

    Anyway, my point is that sometimes it's completely true that a lot of people just... don't know that their favorite handbag is a designer dupe of LV or Givenchy or a recent "it" bag. They just know they like the bag & they can't or don't want to drop +1K for a handbag, which I seriously get. Whether or not it's ethical that MK makes money off these facts is an interesting question, bc the brand certainly does know. But so far as individual consumers go? Eh, I really doubt that knowledge is as prevalent.

    Anyway, I have one MK bag & I actually really like it. If it's a direct copy or inspired by a designer bag, I'm not sure which one. It's great for work, has held up well, gets complimented -- I'm really pleased with it!
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  11. This !!! 100% agree,
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  12. here here !!:nuts::nuts:
  13. Hey, different bags for different strokes... and occasions. For instance, I have several Hermès Trim bags, but don't look twice at other H models because they're totally impractical for my lifestyle. I have 4 LVs, and MUCH prefer the Marc Jacobs d/c styles; I love my Paraty and Darwin Choc Tooled Bayswater, but don't have a use for any other Chloè or Mulberry; I adore my Travelons and Liebeskinds. I would never own even a Chanel lipstick, however, no matter how pretty and iconic their purses are, as CC was a Nazi lover and "collabo" and for me this is unforgivable.

    OTOH, I'm totally satisfied with my well made, buttery soft, light, affordable, practical and gorgeously saturated leather MK bags (moss green Bedford, soleil Jet Set zip tote) - but only leather ones. I don't quite get the hate for MK, as it offers so many different models, materials, colours and lines that I am sure everyone, even the most demanding customer, can easily find at least one piece that is perfect for their needs and taste!
  14. If you like a brand or bag who cares what someone else thinks. I’m way past caring if someone makes a judgement about any bag I use, and most likely they probably don’t.
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  15. Here's a novel idea.

    If you don't like Michael Kors bags, don't buy them.

    See how easy that was?