I'm sorry Goyard, I'm not impressed :-(

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  1. interesting, i was debating on purchasing this type bag, maybe i'll reconsider.
  2. Sorry babes, i obviously dropped off from the surface of the earth and purseforum too...:cry: I just got round to reading this, and after so long, i'm not even sure if its still relevant for you, but well, you might still want to know where i got my bag fixed!

    i had the sealant fixed at the shoe repair shop at Paragon next to the drycleaners. Also i found another shop that repairs all kinds of designer bags in Hongkong (i shuttle between the two cities frequently) - actually this was recommended to me by the Balenciaga boutique in HK - it's called the TOP shoe/bag repair (or something to that effect) at Queens Road Central - in the little alley thats next to McDonald's

    Good luck gals~ xoxo
  3. How can it happen to goyard bags?
  4. All this talk of sealant cracking and straps weakening 2-3 months in is giving me pause. Just when I was all gung-ho about getting a white SL it turns out to be one of the most problematic! Anyways, has anyone considered wrapping their handles with ribbon or twillies to cover up the holes? Just a thought. For anyone unfamiliar (though TPFrs are such experts!) you can pop over to the Hermes subforum (Ode to Twillies).
  5. The holes can be covered up with anything- a twilly, a sock, an old rag.

    The problem is that they can completely break off if not careful and don't have them fixed.

    I guess see no evil...
  6. I just bought a Goyard from St. Honoré store. I asked the SA about the handle. The answer was that it's normal for the wax to crack but it won't affect the handles. You can have it replaced for 100 Euro. I think we should just not worry to much. It's just a bag after all. Of course, it is expensive. But I think we should just enjoy it :smile: Life is too short.
  7. Hi guys ... Im experiencing d same thing wid d handles of my st louis pm :sad: .. Bought it frm a friend and i know that its authentic .. But its only now while reading some of the threads here in purse forum that a st louis have a serial num? Or shud u call it date codes ? Located shud be in d pouch? Or somewere at d strap of the pouch? ... Im a little bit confused coz mine doesnt have any ... Does it mean its a fake one?
  8. I think this is a problem only applicable to Saint Louis. My Voltaire has the same wax sealant used on the SL but it's still beautiful as new. I can't even find a crack, even when I load a ton in my bag everyday.

    This may sound harsh, but if you expect your bag to look as good as new after repeated use when you spent thousands on it, the reality is it won't. I had a lousy Hermes wallet whose wax edges split on me after just 1 week use and the CS told me it's due to normal usage. What can we do? Create a ruckus?

    My advice is, these are "luxury" items. Maybe they are not meant to be used harshly like how we do. But if you really like the bag and had already spent the dough, then just enjoy the bag thoroughly. I just tell myself it's "hand made" to make myself feel better.
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  9. @vismin Very well said :smile: really true indeed . Its just so disappointing :sad:
  10. very well said and very wise. thanks for posting.
  11. I agree that these bags are going to age like any other bag would with repeated use, and that the fact they're expensive means nothing in terms of durability. It is a shame that Goyard doesn't have a generally nicer SA staff or customer service program, which should be in place IMO, but the goods they produce are definitely high quality overall. They're made of canvas and leather, not Kevlar - normal wear and tear is an inevitable and expectable result of their use. Still, I understand the frustration that the cracking caused, and do think a thicker cut of leather should be used to help retain durability for a bag that puts all it's weight onto the 2 strap locations.
  12. i understand normal wear and tear but the paint chipping off 1/4 of my bag 5 months after i bought it is not normal wear and tear. i'm pretty upset and this will most likely be my last purchase with goyard.
  13. Just reread your other thread and saw the problem you're experiencing is only on a more isolated face of the bag. Hopefully this problem, as you stated the SA thought was due to a faulty batch of production, won't become a regular thing.

    I've always admired Goyard for their print and color options, but definitely think I'll make my first purchase something like a card holder that I'd use frequently and heavily in order to observe how the canvas ages before getting a larger bag / luggage piece.
  14. Wow! I'd be in tears! :cry:
  15. I have the same experience... I purchased my bag in April 2011 and saw the crack in Feb 2012. But i did not email Goyard Paris.
    However, I passed by Goyard Singapore yesterday and asked if they can repair the handle and I was told that they charge SGD300 for the repair because the bag has to be sent to Paris. The SA told me, to just have it repaired when the cracking is really bad. :nuts:

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