I'm sorry Goyard, I'm not impressed :-(

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  1. MMMMM, i am on the edge as to get a St Louis for my everyday bag... but not anymore now...
  2. YES! I was George! What a hoot that you live in Dallas and know of him also. He was nice enough, but that store is located in a mall that gets a LOT of folks visiting Boston, many of whom head to that collection of stores to shop for Balenciaga, LV, Channel, and Goyard. I think that this makes him a bit cynical as an SA, and not as customer oriented as someone selling out in the 'burbs.

    He also told me to be careful about how much I load it up, saying that it wouldn't hold anything close to the weight that the Neverful does. I had been in the LV boutique earlier and was chatting with a woman who was carrying Goyard SL. I asked her how she liked it and she LOVES it. But I noticed the the 4 corners had holes in them and that her straps did have cracks. She said that the bag is 3 years old, that she used it a lot, and doesn't want to give it up long enough to have it repaired.

    I tried the Totally and didn't like the way that it sagged between the straps when full! :shucks:

    Ah well! Guess there's no such thing as a perfect bag - or SA! :lol:
  3. Actually, I live in AZ but have been working with Adrienne in Dallas for years due to a recommendation on this forum.

    I grew up in Framingham and ventured into Barneys at Copley on several occassions. I may have even met George in person but didn't know who he was at the time. There was definitely a "snobby" vibe in that store due to the reasons you stated.

    Thanks for the info on the Totally. I would definitely be filling it up so perhaps should check out the Neverfull instead. It is a toss up between the two.

  4. I hope that I haven't turned you away from the Totally - it just wasn't the bag for me. BTW, I have a NF MM in ebene and absolutely love it. It is such a great rainy-day workhorse of a bag! Don't know why, but I still wanted that Goyard! :giggles:

    Good luck with your choice!!
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    Om shocked. Their bags are SO expensive, they need to hold up. That is ridiculous. x
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    gotta pay to play
  7. If you can't afford it don't buy it.
  8. That's so strange and unfortunate you feel that way because I absolutely LOVE Goyard's customer service. They are the absolute best IMO and for that sole reason, I will buy again and again!

    I bought a fidji back in February 2010 and used it religiously until the canvas literally ripped on both sides of the bag, about a yea later. These were ~1.5 inch tears. I tried putting on fabric coatings inside to prevent the rips from getting any larger but I finally took it into the SF boutique to see if they could repair it. They took pictures of my bag and emailed it to France to see if it was repairable....They couldn't. What did they offer me instead? Store credit for the full purchase price of my bag!!

    I live in LA so, since they had my repair form on file, they allowed me to bring in my bag according to my own schedule. I eventually did, four months after I initially brought my bag in and got my store credit immediately! :biggrin: I'm pretty sure they would've still granted me the credit if I brought my bag in a year later.

    However, the SA said they had seen this happen on another fidji, so this may have been a recurring problem which is most likely the reason why they discontinued it and came out with the grenadine--the leather on top prevents it from tearing. Also, the reason indicated on my store credit receipt says "fidji defect" (or something of that sort). Either way, I don't know of any luxury brand that would be willing to give full credit of the bag's value even after very apparent usage! I dont have the receipt either (so hypothetically, it could've been a three year old bag!) and they still took it. Bravo, goyard!
  9. I believe the problem with the St. Louis is very simply the very thin straps coupled with glazing. In fact, I can't see it not happening, even with carrying a small amount of daily items.

    My St. Louis, (bought @ Barneys Boston) lasted almost a year before the cracking started. I sold it before it worsened and won't buy another.

    However, I love the Goyard pattern and would like to buy another. There are many other styles that would seem not to have inherited this problem. Customer service was never contacted because I honestly don't see it as a customer service issue.
  10. I carry a lot in my Navy GM (and love how the canvas is softening and slouching with use) and haven't had any handle cracking yet (only a few months old). Every few uses I condition the handles with a leather wipe to keep them moisturized and protected. It may help, it may not but it certainly won't hurt as I live in a very dry climate where moisture is necessary.

    If I notice any cracking down the road I will certainly report back in this thread.
  11. So I just bought a Burgundy St. Louis and am waiting for it to arrive in mail...this problem with the handles cracking...do they crack so much that they aren't useable? Or do the just split and crack slightly, so that it is more of an aesthetic issue? I wouldn't mind the cracking so much, if I knew that I could still get a ton of use out of the bag.
  12. my bag has bad cracking on all four handles as well after less than a year of use. I emailed the customer service email on their website and haven't heard anything. i bought the bag in sf but i live in chicago so it's not like i can take it into the store or anything. im so upset!! im actually going to paris in may but don't even know if it's worth it to bring it into the store.

  13. sadly all repairs can only be done in paris it seems.
    I have a card holder as a gift (bought in london), i guess my fren did not notice that there was a small tear on the side..
    i was going to Japan n HK the following month, and decided to bring it to bring it along to see if they could repair it or even 1 to 1 exchange....but... all the Goyard stores in Osaka, Tokyo and HK all gave me the same answer they have to send it back to Paris to repair... quite disappointed actually as i havent even use it yet...
  14. I had considered getting a brand new Goyard St. Louis but all this talk of split handles has made me wary, certainly for the price of the bag. They're pretty but I get better quality with LV. Maybe I'll look to buy a used one.
  15. Well...I took a look at the Goyard Saint Louis at Barney's on Madison. Despite my wariness, I brought home the light blue PM. The handles are thicker than those of my LV Neverfull MM but the bag canvas on the Goyard seems a little thinner and softer. Can't wait to use it.
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