I'm in love... Coral Valentine has arrived, Pics!

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  1. Congrats on your lovely bag!. Is this the medium or jumbo?
  2. I love this, it is such a happy color :heart: Congratulations on your beautiful VD flap and enjoy!

  3. Congrats to ur valentine flap, she's absolutely beautiful!!~
  4. Sweet!
  5. Hi, it's equivalent to the medium. I compared it against a med classic and it's just about 1/2" shorter and the same size across. I think it will fit more than the med since there's no interior flap.

    They only have 3 sizes in the valentine bags, a mini (which is so cute, you wear it messenger style, but only fits a lipstick and small phone), the e/w, and the medium.

    BTW, my DH actually really likes the bag! Not the norm for him...:P

  6. Cindy Cindy!

    I got the same ring and i was wondering how i can loop it in? Do u have any special method to make sure the bag is not hurt? Sorry for too many questions
  7. how creative! the flap is too cute! congrats!
  8. Hi cuteangel7777,

    This will only work with an e/w bag as it's adjustable inside. I'll post some pics of the adjustable hook inside the bag tonight. With the e/w, you have to take the entire chain out and loop it through the key ring, then loop it back into the ring on top of the bag then secure it through the adjustable hoop inside. I hope this makes sense. The other idea I have is to buy some dual-ended S hooks at a crafts store like Michaels and extend the keychain a little bit to make it lay on the bag nicer.

    I am afraid of the scratches though.... I haven't removed the protective plastic on the keychain, but do think that it will cause scratches on the lambskin...

  9. Very pretty bag!!! Love the color. And the charms are pretty sweet too! Congratzz Cindy.
  10. I quickly took a few pics for you... I found an S hook that I have but the color is a dull metal, so I'll find a shiny metal one to better match the keychain. I like how the keychain hangs on the bag MUCH better than just looping the strap through the ring. You would just need some pliers to tighten both ends of the S hook. I think with the hook, you'll have a lot more flexibility to play with it.

    I got a bit snap-happy and started experimenting the S hook with different ways. Here are lots of pics. :smile: I don't think this keychain looks good on the reissue, but fantastic with the red e/w and dark white bijoux jumbo! Let me know what you think.

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  11. Some more ways to wear it...

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  12. really love your red E/w flap... i really want that color!!! so pretty!!
  13. she is so cuuuuuuuute. congrats!
  14. So cute! Love the bag and the keychain.
  15. congrats on your new VD bag! the color is really gorgeous! i love your creativity with the keychain too! :heart: