I'm in love... Coral Valentine has arrived, Pics!

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  1. beautiful! congrats on your fabulous purchases!!! :heart:
  2. It's so pretty!! :love: I tried on the keychain today and it fit me like a bracelet (the charms didn't hang right though)... so even though it was cute, I didn't get it. Congrats on your beautiful flap!!! :yahoo:
  3. So lovely:cloud9:Great pics too- I wondered how the charms laid on the bag when in use- thanks for the pics!
  4. wow! gorgeous color :love: lovely bag and love the key chain so cute!!!
  5. OMG that is gorgeous!! love the colour, is very me! congrats! def. a good buy :smile:
  6. Congrats!! pretty cool with the key chain!
  7. After seeing this coral flap looks like pink to me, I want it!:smile:
    I am going to call Paris for it.

    Is it really more pink irl?
    i need pink flap ..wud this be a good buy?
  8. ^It's definitely pink IRL... I was surprised, because based on what I read here, I was expecting it to be more coral! :smile: No need to call Paris unless you really want to... NM has it! :smile:
  9. YAY!! I think I am going to order it asap!!! i want PINK!!
    But so scared of lambskin, but I will take care of it....:smile:

    like i do with all my chanel babies..hehe
  10. your new bag is gorgeous..
  11. Lovely as can be, but do be careful when you attach the keychain onto your other bags as the charms might scratch the top of your flap. Congratulations!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. Hot!! Congrats!
  14. im so in love with it..... congrats!
  15. :drool: :faint: