I'm in love... Coral Valentine has arrived, Pics!

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  1. I'm soooo excited!! :yahoo:
    Got the call yesterday that my new Coral Valentine flap arrived and had to wait until tonight to pick it up. It is more beautiful in person and the color is like a bubblegum/salmon pink. The lambskin is delicate and I'll need to figure out a way to treat it. Enough text, here's PICS!

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  2. Then I saw the keychain and couldn't resist taking it home too.! :graucho: The keychain is silvertone and I thought, hmm, maybe I can use it on my silver h/w bags. I experimented on my red lambskin e/w. I took the chain out and looped it through the key ring on one side, then reattached it inside the bag. I then clipped the hook onto the other end. What do you think of the effect? Only issue is that the keychain is just a tad short horizontally so it doesn't hang that well once you wear the bag on the shoulder.

    I'll find a way to make it work though, I love the red with the silver heart charms so much, it's like I got two valentine bags! :love:

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  3. so gorgeous!:woohoo:
  4. Pretty! Congrats!!!
  5. love it!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I love your valentine flap!! And you are so creative with the key chain as well!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. it's absolutely gorgeous, congrats!
  8. love it!!!! amazing!!!congrats!!!!
  9. Oh my....that is soooo gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Beautiful! And I'm planning to do the same thing with my valentine bracelet! As soon as it arrives! :tup::tup:
  11. it's gorgeous, congrats!!!!!!!!!! I love the colour.
  12. beautiful!! pretty color.
  13. wow! gorgeous..
  14. Congrats both of them are beautiful!
  15. Coral is one of my favorite colors.

    Yes, it seems to me that you can have 2 valentine's bags w/ that extra charms!!

    Congrats on your bag.