I'm Finally Content...for now ;)

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  1. Anyone want to guess?

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  2. Let's seee!

    Wristlets, maddison bag, scarf. I dunno, take it off!:woohoo:
  3. OO oo let me see!!!!
  4. Anyone else going to join me? :whistle:
  5. oooh I wanna see I have no guesses I am no good at it but I wanna see
  6. I'll join!
  7. I'm here I'm here
  8. I was about to go to bed but I said "Nope, I need to check Tpf first!" I'm glad I did. There's nothing like a reveal before bed.
  9. Here's a little hint...

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  10. Take it off! *waves dollar bills*
  11. I have no idea. More more more

  12. Same here I am trying to hang on to see if my DH can call back I missed his call today but I am about done for.

    Take it off!! Take it off!!!!:woohoo:

  13. Well, I actually had trouble falling asleep last night and didn't pass out until around 7am so unfortunately I think my sleep schedule is kind of thrown off right now. :tdown:
  14. Lol. Ok, I give...

    it's a Large Hampton's Hobo!!!!


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  15. Very awesome. Goes great with you!! Thanks for sharing!