IKEA lovers thread!

  1. Thanks Cobalt for letting me create this thread!!!

    Any IKEA fans here?

    I love IKEA, especially their bedding. :heart: We have an IKEA store here so DH and I go there at least once a month. We always go a bit crazy during their end-of-line sales. They're having one next week and we are sooooo going. :graucho::graucho::graucho: Can't wait.

    Can't wait to see your IKEA items, I'll share pics of mine in the next days.
  2. I am their fan in their "design" wise, thus love a few items from them...
    But not too much of a fan as to where they are made.


    Like these sheepskins... I love them and they are less expensive than anywhere else I've seen.


    And these Nandor chairs, I just love that open weave that gives a contemporary flair and does not hide that fireplace.... giving the dining room an airy feel. They are exceptionally comfortable & well-made too (I am pleasantly surprised).
  3. i love ikea..unfortunately we don't have one here. sure wish we did. :sad:

  4. I love the chairs (they really work with your table).... and the fireplace. :heart::heart::heart:
  5. These are my new Eivor curtains - haven't shortened them yet.


    I think the birds are super cute.

    I'm re-decorating my bedroom - new curtains, bedding, wall paint. At the moment I'm after a Cath Kidston for IKEA Rosali douvet cover set in the pink/white/green colorway. It would look amazing with my new color palette. Anyone knows if it was an IKEA UK exclusive? If so, I guess my only chance is eBay UK.
  6. Yes i'm a fan! They have some really nice home decor pieces and are very inexpensive :yes:
  7. Ohh, I just moved into a new apartment and I love ikea! Do you know what will be on sale next week?
  8. Thank you nillacobain.

    Those are some really cool looking curtains... would have been great in my DD's room to go with her sheet set... hmmmm maybe I should get a a second set of curtains for DD, except she is very "set" with what she herself wants though.
  9. I think that each store has different items for sale.

  10. They are super cute... I esp. love the little birds. They should just fall straight though so you can see the pattern better but I haven't had any time to have them shortened so I'm currently using curtains magnets to hold them.

    Here's the stock pics from IKEA website.
    ikea_eivor_collection_inspiration_162997782.jpg 490002715_tp.jpg
  11. As I wrote in my prev post I'm currently decorating my plain ugly bedroom (we rent the apt). I bought the dresser and the nightstands from IKEA. Bedding is from IKEA as well (I already owned it - must go soon as it doesn't match my new color palette).

  12. AHHHH i LOVE IKEA!!!!!!!!
    the closest i live is 4 hours from one so i get so excited every chance i get to go there.

    in my 'workspace' i have an ikea desk and bookshelf. my bed is ikea, i have a few ikea end tables, the laptop table, my kitchen chairs, my bathroom sink/vanity, one cabinet in my kitchen. ugh i love this store so much!

    oh yea and i have a wine rack and many wall shelves. among other things like kitchen utensils and stuff.
    my last trip there i bought some cacti plants :smile:
  13. yea, go to your store's page on the ikea website and it should list what's on sale.
  14. i love their swedish meatballs :ninja: i get that every time i go.

    love those chairs lolitakali
    i haven't tried their bedding. i should check them out. i want to try a feather bed.
  15. Thanks Louis&Mark.
    I love those swedish meatballs too.... especially the loganberry jelly.. mmmmmm.