IKEA lovers thread!

  1. Nice nightstands & dresser.
    Post more updates, would love to see more of what you do to your bedroom.;)

  2. Thank you. Hopefully next year we'll buy our own house so I'll have my dream bedroom - for now I'm just trying to make the current one look decent.
  3. I love Ikea! I have the Hemnes bed (the couch/bed thing) and I'm planning on buying a nightstand/table when I'm back in Holland. I'm now in Sweden, but some things here are more expensive than in Holland at Ikea!
    I like how simple most designs are, but still designs, and not simple bed/closet/whatever :smile:

  4. we are nightstand twins :yahoo:
    I love them! They are so sturdy for the price!
  5. Hey everyone did you know that on Wednesdays everything in the last call section is 50% off :yahoo::graucho: its my fave place to be when i'm off work with nothing to do :lol:
  6. my bf and i just went to IKEA for the first time this past weekend, its 5 hrs away.. we LOVED it! in the AS IS section, one can find so muvh great bargains if theyre willing to patch it up. we found a $10 tv stand that retailed for 150 because it was missing some screws and a little scratched up but bf is a handyman and has already bought all the tools and putty to fix it.
    love ikea! cant wait to go back!

  7. I agree.

    This week at my local Ikea the Hemnes dresser was on sale for 29,99 euros! Couldn't believe it! It retails for over 200 euros. Too bad the white version was not on sale or I would have camped out of the Ikea store to buy it! :biggrin: Pic attached (credit: IKEA website).

  8. This is one of my fave pieces, and on sale! :faint: white would be perfect for DDs bedroom!

  9. I love their last call/end of line section - can't believe the bargains they have there. One of our best finds a huge glass end table w/metal legs for 10 euro - new in package (and it's still in its package in my garage! :shame:smile:. Also, I always find slipcovers for 1 euro! I use the fabric to make pillow covers, etc. For example last month I've bought an Ektorp chaise-lounge pink slipcover (now discontinued) for 1 euro. It's too nice to rip it apart though.
  10. I would have bought one for my room as well. :push: Actually, in the first email the sent the white version was included in the sale, then the sent the errata corrige mail stating that only the black and the brown will make the sale. You can imagine my dissapointment! I'm still going to see what else they have on sale... I think this Friday (since they have special discounts in the last call section every Friday! :graucho:).

  11. Happy hunting! I always find nice things there when I go. Even if its just a jar or nick nack of some sort :lol:
  12. ^Thank you!
  13. My favorite line is the Hemnes collection for sure! I love the 8 drawer dresser! I'd love to get it someday. For now... I'm spending my time fixing up the French Provincial dresser that I bought at a thrift store yesterday!
  14. I love IKEA! We have purchased a lot of things from there & have a store that is only 15 miles away :biggrin: I posted these pics before on the a "Girl Cave" thread when I first decorated it last Spring.

    I'll go through what I bought at IKEA. The Vanity, the vanity chair, wall lamps, rug, ottoman, curtains/rod, small white cabinet next to large dresser, and the taller storage cabinet with the lamp on it. I really like the different styles IKEA offers, from contemporary to more tradition. We mix up what we have though. The mirrored furniture, lamp, and pics are from Home Goods, chandelier from Lamps Plus online. (in case you're wondering)
    PICT0003.jpg PICT0008.jpg PICT0007.jpg PICT0009.jpg
  15. ^girlnstilettos-what a cute room!! Great accessories!