If I were to part with 3 le fabs...

  1. If I were to part with 3 le fab's which colors would you choose????

    (I have blue, white, geranium, black and plum)
  2. I'd keep Geranium (it's soo beautiful), Plum, and Black.

    The white and blue are pretty too, but not my favorites.

    ETA: ohh your PARTING with THREE. Keep Geranium and black then ;)
  3. geranium
  4. plum, white
  5. white, plum, blue
  6. I don't like le fabs, but i'd keep the plum, geranium and black.
  7. I'd part with the geranium, blue and white.

    The black and plum are my favorites.
  8. Would keep white and geranium, the pop out the most.
  9. I'm considering a birkin (as I have been for about a year now...I'm getting closer every day)...do you like the blue jean color better in LV leather or Hermes? cuz if I sold the blue le fab I'd get a BJ birkin? Do you see my line of thinking....

    I think that I'd perfer the black le fab over a black birkin as I think black bags can be somewhat boring and the le fab has all the pretty hardware....
  10. Keep white and geranium.
  11. i'd keep the white
  12. If it was purely to get rid of them I would say white and balck because you can always buy them back later if you regret it the other colours are harder to get and if you do regret it they will be hard to replace

    I Love the geranium & plum so I wouldn't get rid of those (oh hell I love the blue too) I can't believe your even thinking about that is a stunning suhali collection
  13. I would say to get rid of black, white and your least favorite color since the colors are so hard to find now. But if you are getting a BJ Birkin or another BJ Hermes item, then get rid of the blue. =) I do remember in an older post that you were considering selling the geranium. If you don't love her, then sell her! The plum is gorgeous.
  14. keep all of them and just buy a birkin lol. the bags are so BEAUTIFUL!
  15. I'd definitely keep the blue and geranium:heart:!