Identify This Mulberry

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  1. The seller has probably made a typographical error as it is a tyler, not a taylor.
  2. Thank you for that information, great to know the name now. :smile:
  3. Hi! Does anyone know anything about this model? TIA!

  4. Do you have any idea what this little one is called? It has a rectangular label inside and the colour is something between oak and apricot. It`s got some marks on it as well so i`d be thankful fir any cleaning advice.
  5. I found the name: it`s a Tennessee. I still wonder what colour it is and hiw to clean it. I read from somebody on TPF who put their Anthony into the washing machine. What do you think?
  6. Well, that's a tricky one catweazle. From your pic, your new friend looks to me to be in quite good condition so perhaps I'm not spotting the specific areas of concern. This is a beautiful older style so might stand up well. But I'd be circumspect about that decision and only make it as a last resort (as I did once upon a time) because it's a bit drastic.

    If you're looking for info on how to clean and condition, there's plenty of that on here, do a search and you'll find excellent tips to get started. It requires some patience, but an older Mulberry treasure is worth it. if it were me, I'd start by gently cleaning the leather and you might be surprised how good the results will be once the top "grime" is off and you condition the leather, using the right products. The washing machine route is not for the fainthearted! Having said all that, it can turn out some spectacular results in the right circumstances. Hope that helps and good luck :smile:
  7. Hi
    Can you help me identify this bag? Also what year it is. :smile: s-l1600-3.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg

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  8. Hello dear Mulberry officiandos. I’ve desperately tried to identify this style model without luck.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!

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  9. I think it is an Oakland.
  10. Thank you, now I finally have a lead! never seen this model in my life so had nowhere to start.
  11. Hi I am new to this and would like someone to let me know if the Mulberry i bought is authentic could you let me know what I need to do?
  12. There is a thread entitled Authenticate this Mulberry. You need to post there following the format in the first post of that thread.
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  13. image.jpg Hi!

    Can anyone identify this mulberry please, just been sorting through all my bags and I would like to sell it but can’t remember what it’s called!!

    Thanks so much!
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