Identify This Mulberry

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  1. Hello
    Can anyone advise what is the name of this Mulberry small vintage bag?

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  2. I started a new thread but I think I should be on this page, I'd love to know what my bag is called or even if it's authentic. It seems like a beautiful leather but its missing a few bits of information like the Made in and the serial number but the markings I see seem genuine to me. If someone could help it would be lovely, also if you need more pictures let me know. 20190115_135324.jpg 20190115_135324.jpg
  3. I'd suggest you get it authenticated. There is a thread entitled Authenticate this Mulberry that you can use ensuring you follow the posting guidelines in post #1 of that thread which must include a working link to a publicly viewable website/listing. If the latter is not available, you can use the services of a formal authenticator such as Authenticate4u.
  4. Thank you for you reply Jazzy, I think that's where the original query is, I've put a few photos up but not sure about a link, I bought the bag already.
  6. 0D1CDD83-D628-47FE-83D7-A9CCE18AB4FC.jpeg I scored this bag at a thrift shop, I’d like to know which bag it is if possible?
  7. There's a thread entitled Identify this Mulberry where you can post items you want to know the name of.
  8. Thank you !
  9. 49DA0785-D648-4512-BB62-70F1C7E056D4.jpeg Hi can anyone identify this bag? Thank you !
  10. Thank you !!
  11. Does anyone know the names of these? IMG_3340.JPG IMG_3339.JPG
    TIA hubby just bought these from the real real for me
  12. Thank you, I haven’t received them yet but once I have it in hand I will. The Realreal guarantees Authenticity so I think I can return it easily if I can get something saying it’s not authentic. I hope
  13. Hi,
    Would anyone be able to tell me the name of this Mulberry? 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
    If you know when it was made roughly that would be great. Thank you. :smile:
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