Identify This Mulberry

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  1. If it's genuine, which I can't tell from those photos, then it is an elgin.
  2. Thank-you
  3. Hi, does anyone know the name of this purse? I don't know if it's genuine or not. I haven't seen such a clasp in Mulberry before. It doesn't have a disk and it's not made in label. But...everything is possible.

    Happy New Year Mulberry lovers!
    mulbll3.jpg mulll2.jpg
  4. And one more bag. Similar to Somerset but still unusual. And this lining, I haven't seen the lining made of striped material and signed yet.
    somerset.png somerset1.png
  5. I'd suggest you get that authenticated.
  6. The lining looks as it should and the bag appears to be a somerset shoulder but there are a number of somerset models that look very similar.
  7. I bought this pouch a while ago. Could someone please tell me what it is called or if it is authentic? Thank you!
    IMG_3500.JPG IMG_3498.JPG IMG_3499.JPG
  8. Please note that this thread is to identify an item when you do not know the name. For authentication, please use the pinned thread entitled Authenticate this Mulberry being sure to post in the format as stated in post #1 of that thread.
  9. Can anyone tell me the style name of this bag? I was given it as a gift a few years ago, looking to sell it on but can not for the life of me remember the style name!
    Mulberry 1.jpg
  10. It's a primrose.
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  12. Hello,

    could You pls. authenticate this Mulberry bag? I know, that the pics are not the best You can have , but this is what i have. If possible can you pls. share the model with me?

    20181227_155744 (3).jpg 20181227_155854 (4).jpg Untitled.png Untitled2.png Untitled3.png