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  1. Hi all. I bought this purse off eBay a good number of years ago and love it. I’m convinced it’s the real deal. But I fancy a French purse instead so thought I’d sell my one on eBay. So folks, do you know how old this wee purse is, what it is called or any other info? It’s def leather and not scotch grain and has the old style tartan inner. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. Most appreciated, thanks. Oh and I think it’s Wexford leather?

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  2. No worries!
  3. Yes, it is wexford leather but there is no way to date it, other than it is vintage.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I do like the purse but not very left handed friendly? Would you guys consider it authentic?
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  5. There is a separate thread for authentication entitled Authenticate this Mulberry. You need to post following the format in post #1 of that thread and include a working link to a publicly viewable website/listing. If you do not have the latter, you can use a formal authenticator such as Authenticate4u.
  6. Hello, not sure if I'm doing this in the right place or not? 1st time doing this! But was given this bad from a friend of mine in Scotland as she didn't use it much but can't seem to find what it's called anywhere? Does anyone know which one it is? Thank you

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  7. I'd suggest you ascertain if it is authentic first. We offer an authentication service here however you need to provide a working link to a publicly viewable listing/website, but presuming that isn't available, you can use the services of a formal authenticator such as Authenticate4u.
  8. OK thanks so much for your help, will try that.
  9. Can somebody help me to identify this bag. I bought it on a Dutch auction site and I am 95% convinced it is genuine, but I can't find anything about the bag on the internet.

  10. It's from Spring/Summer 2010, and it's called the Bonnie in washed denim.

    The leather portion is natural saddle leather.

  11. Thank you for your help, MiniMabel. I remember seeing a photo of the bag on this forum, but I didn't find it.
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  12. this little one is getting on a bit now but does anyone know / remember what this style of closure is called- I simply call it my padlock purse but not sure now what the correct name was for it? As the original dark brown was coming through I've deliberately been conditioning and buffing it over past few months to return the lovely colour.
  13. Hello,
    Can anyone please verify this Mulberry Bayswater please? I attatched a few photos.

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    Could someone be kind enough to identify this Mulberry for me and its approximate year? I'm trying to inventory my late MIL's bag collection and this is the only Mulberry. Zip top, colors are green, burgundy, and pale yellow. Dimensions: 9x10x2.5 1-P1040183.JPG Thanks!!
  15. It's called an Asunta
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