Identify This Mulberry

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  1. I saw this bag in the July 2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar, but they don't mention the style and I couldn't readily identify it from the Mulberry website.

    Anyway, I'm sure that someone here can help, but I've been hesitant to post in case this was a no-brainer. I've decided that I don't mind looking clueless, so here's the pic. TIA!!

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  2. That looks like a Maggie, though a bit smaller than the ones we've seen so far. It's a new style for AW 2008 that isn't on the Mulberry site yet.
  3. ^^Thank you so much!! Also, the magazine states that the bag retails for $995.
  4. Hello!

    That would be the East-West Maggie!

  5. I just love this colour:heart:
  6. There's a picture of Fearne Cotton with this bag in green in the Celebrity thread. Oh my, it's gorgeous :heart: I think I prefer it to the regular Maggie and can't wait to try it out IRL.
  7. stunning colour, and stunning bag!
  8. Thanks for checking in. The color is really pretty. Any idea when the bag will be available?
  9. I saw a few in Fenwicks in Windsor last week. They are stunning and the east-west was fab. I want to be brave and get a really colourful bag soon.
  10. Hi -

    I know that the London stores and the website will be launching the first group of the new collection this week. I know that there are East-West Maggies in this group, but I am not positive about the colours.

    In addition to fucshia, there is a vibrant green and a creamy off-white in the same leather. There is also a black polished goatskin which is divine.

    Have you guys seem the Maggie clutches? Love them.



  11. ^^^ can you give us a preview of the next seasons bags ? Or a link ??
  12. OOOh I like the clutch! Dont get out enough now to justify it though!
  13. ^^ gorgeous clutch.. black polished goatskin! wow... (no stop it, cant am on sofa!)
  14. Crumbs:drool::drool::drool:
  15. hello

    extreme newbie here, been reading a while but only just got round to registering. you lot have saved me from a fair few ebay fake mistakes - thanks!!

    hoping somebody will be able to identify this lovely bag, sold recently by mulberrymad. I absolutely fell in love with it, too bad it had already sold :crybaby:, but I'm hoping I might be able to track one down somewhere. Ive tried googling and searching through here, but since I've no idea what the name of it is, google isn't much help really and there seem to be no others on ebay. I'm assuming it's not fake, mulberrymad is a name I've seen recommended on here a few times, so does anyone have any idea what the name of the bag is?

    if it's an older design I know it's going to be less likely that I'll be able to find one but at least I'll know what I'm actually looking for!

    thanks everyone :o)