Identify This Mulberry

  1. a vinyl roxanne pouch is exactly what it is and there were loads at the mothershop at the end of August.
    I am off to Bicester on Saturday so will see if any there
  2. Thanks so much for all your help. will let you know how I get on
  3. Hello, I have just bought a gorgeous anda bit shabby Mulberry bag from eBay. I am in no doubt that it's real, I just want to know a bit more about it really. It needs a bit of repair to the front lock and strap, so I think I will send it to rehab for a bit of TLC. Any ideas about dating it, so design name would be good.

    Many thanks
    Mulberry 1.JPG
  4. Hi Ali, welcome to the forum!

    Sorry but I don't recognise this one at all, hopefully one of our vintage experts will be able to help.....
  5. hi there I bought a mulberry and like to know if its real or reproduction fake

    i don't mind if its fake -but i need to know

    Zip on top
    press studs very flat with imprint TMOuk patent 2063343
    all hardware has the tree imprinted
    all hardware looks brass like
    all stitching very good qualty
    inside is light tan faux leather look material
    outside good looking leather
    inside a print on the inside pocket the tree and mulberry

    a key in a leaher pouche impressed with tree
    a lock
    but no disc
    but this back is maybe a it older before they introduced disc and serial numbers
    the stile is more old fashion
    very good quality trhoughout
    check out he pics
    any advice welcome
  6. I do not think that this is an authentic Mulberry. Sorry.
  7. I dont like the look of it sorry
  8. Ladies, can you please help me with this one? I thought I'd knew them all, but have never seen this beauty before.

    mulberry1.jpg mulberry2.jpg
  9. Oh dear, what was this one called, the name escapes me, it wasnt Hoxton was it?
  10. Hmm, could be Hula, although I just tried to google it and came up with a bunch of fake sites. Oh and an old tpf thread, but no pics :sad:

    Was there an 'Oxford' around at the same time too, same leather? I'll see what google throws up for that one as well....
  11. It could be the oxford, couldnt it? Google is not helping, so inconvenient!
  12. It's the Fleet - was on my wishlist for a while :lol:

    It was out at the same time as the Hoxton and Oxford.
  13. Ha! Google is so not helping. In fact I'm even more confused now. Hopefully one of our experts will be along soon :lol:

    Ooo Dita, you beat me to it! Phew. Welcome oh expert one, and thanks. Glad you put us out of our misery!!
  14. You girls rock! :rochard:

    Thank you so much .. it's the Fleet indeed .. thumbs up for this one?
  15. OOh Dita to the rescue, well done! That would have bugged me something crazy, not knowing!