Ice T & CoCo

  1. :throwup:
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. Thanks.

    And yuck.
  4. let us all bow our heads in sympathy for her gyno who has to examine such atrocities:s[/quote]
  5. Im sure she has an extra pair of shears in her handbag, so that she can cut through her jeans to go pee. lol
  6. I have seen that in real life at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places. It was the dead of winter in the NYC area and she had on a similar outfit. It was just powder blue (the whole outfit including thigh high patent blue boots) and the pants were longer. I noticed her right away! I blurted out "OH NO SHE DIDNT!!" The checkout guy was like "Do you know who they are?" I said "Yes, and it's daytime and there are children in this store. Nobody needs to know if she had a brazilian!" Her ass needs it's own zipcode!
  7. ^^ Bahaahahahahaa!!!! lami said camel toe! :nuts:

    ** zips off to check if there are any new developments on the camel toe thread*
  8. GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! and eww....eww... ew.... on the camel toe!
  9. ick...just ick
  10. And you know? She DOES have a hot body for someone her age. MOST of us don't have such cute figures, but there are ways to SHOW a good figure, even if it means going up not one, but TWO pant sizes. Good grief, I'm in pain LOOKING at her in those pants. She HAD to have pinched her skin while trying to zip those up! Ouch!
  11. Bwaaahaaahaaa! Oh yes she did, girl!
  12. :tdown::yucky::yucky:
  13. lol. i like coco. i don't know why. certainly not because i think she makes wise fashion choices. but i admire her dedication to her trashiness, for some reason. she never breaks character.

  14. consistency is a gift:lol:
  15. uh she looks really...skanky what's wrong with her there are so many other choices she could have made does she have a stylist? apparently not!