Ice T & CoCo

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    @ the “Blood Diamond” premiere in NYC last night.
  2. I've saw them once on a TV special they did together. Let me just say that he is VERY proud of her ass(ets). LOL!
  3. pradas plz copy the 2nd in the boob trend thread :roflmfao:
  4. dayam could those jeans be painted on any tighter, CoCo (look at the attached pic rather than the thumbnails)?
  5. Absolutely !! your right this should be documented, stamped and labeled in the boob oops thread :P
  6. Ugh... they are not a great looking couple IMO
  7. ^^ Couple? They're just not great looking, period!
  8. Who is this Coco girl and what does she do? (other than trying to be Ice-T's arm candy)
  9. Well, at least she's got her, ummm. . assets covered unlike some other pics we've seen of her esp in the LV celebrity thread!

  10. :s Hm well she's his wife !! and er...... I will get back to you on what else she does...... give me a few days. :roflmfao:
  11. i spy a camel toe
  12. Why are her jeans/pants always to darn tight. Not every one wants to see her stuff on display.
  13. Ive seen way tighter jeans on other people...she looks better than usual...
  14. She is trashy and proud!! RIGHT ON!!
  15. ^^^^ LOL!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao: