Ice T & CoCo

  1. I actually like CoCo lol
  2. Wow Have to honest never saw her with clothes on.
  3. I have seen those two in person, and her ass has a mind of its own. You cannot help but stare.
  4. I think Coco is pretty. She dresses very tacky but her face is pretty. My husband HATES Iced T. He got into an arguement with him in the city once & now he can't stand him. If you bring up his name or if he sees him on TV he starts cursing.
  5. Wow - those jeans make me uncomfortable just looking at them - how does one get those even on?
  6. :roflmfao: :yes: :yes:
  7. :shrugs:
  8. even when she has all that clothing on, her look still screams trashy! Not my favorite celeb couple, for sure!
  9. eh
  10. They did a special on Ice-T and Coco on VHI (I think?). She was a Playboy playmate. They met at a party at the Playboy mansion, if I remember correctly.

  11. Ah, I guess this was the answer to what she does for a living :wtf:
  12. I like her too, she seems to be really nice!
  13. Thats funny! My father has gotten into arguments with high profile celebs , they want special privileges for parking spots that us ordinary folk occupy!! lol
  14. damn she needs a size bigger in those pants. I dont see how they can be comfy when they're stuff in your crotch like that.:yucky:
  15. what's really good with her camel toe lol

    she's gonna need some monistat asap to deal with her tight pants