I was robbed by my closest friend. Scarce good people left.


Dec 13, 2005
Edit: so sorry this turned out so long!

A few months ago I moved in with my boyfriend but only brought a suitcvase of stuff with me to his house, like a long holiday. My contract with the flat I was living in was not up yet and I had no choice but to keep it untill the begining of the month.

A friend of mine was in town searching for a flat and asked if she could stay for a short time at my flat while she found herself somewhere to stay. I accepted. So far so good.

So last month I politely asked her if she had found a house yet and when she would be moving out. She said in two days and so I went with it. A week later I went back to my huse to move thing out and found her there. I did not want to sound rude but I asked her why she couldnt have just informed me that she had to stay on a little and that anyway, she had to move out because my contract was out.
So thursday my boyfriend goes to my house to have a look and try to decide how many boxes I would need to move out and found her there. He told her to move out by friday.
friday: we go into the house and i'm packing my stuff and I find so much missing. Now when I say so much I mean so much. My shoes were gone (trainers, ballet flats, dressy boots and sandals, work shoes), my juicy tracksuits (i collect -well used to- juicy tracksuits), tshirts, tops, sweaters,leather jackets. Some no expensive item that I just loved, like necklaces i bought in a street stall in Bahamas, or my ex that passed aways bday present sweater. My jewelry, infact my jewelry box it's self was missing. In it included a necklace my Grandmother had given me recently before she passed away.
...and last but not least; my bags. All of them. I had the newest ones I used with me at my boyfriends, but even so, my Mum's vintage chanel clutch, 3 Gucci bags,2 Chloe (one of them my gorgeous python silverado!), 3 LV's, one Lv suitcase, a Fendi and 4 Diors (2 of them saddle bags). Goodness, te more i type te more i realise is gone. I just noticed I don't have ANY sunglasses! Oh and another one, completely unworn Stella McCartney shoes -was still in the box!
I called her a million times. No reply. I texted her and eventually replied asking how i could even dare accuse her. I just want to scream "funny how my TV is still there if I got robbed!, the theif seems to know alot about bags!". I dont want to scream and threaten her so I can get my things back. I kept pleading with her saying, its ok that she borrowed stuff and it must have got mixed with her clothes!

I cant call the police as I gave her the keys to the flat and cannot prove anything. Its my word against hers.

So when this happened my boyfriend shook his head and asked, in Jack Johnson's words "Where did all the good people go?"

I paid the rent, the bills (she didnt pay ONE bill! NOT ONE!"). How did I deserve this?!?! No one deserves this. This just made me lose my faith in humanity. I worked hard to have everything I have. Or had.

Goodness...I cannot get over this. I feel like my whole life has been taken away from me. Not that I can't live without material possesions, I can with no problems. It's just I feel broken that someone can do this to somebody.
OMG I am reading this is shock I think you should still go to the police station and file a report of what was missing. They will ask you who had access to the house and start with questioning them. Even though she had a key she did not have rights to remove items.
PLEASE go file a theft report ASAP!!!
omg that's terrible........i wish i could think of a solution for u but i'm drawing a blank..........how could she do that to you? :sad:

i had a roommate in college "borrow" tons of things from me (she didn't steal but she'd borrow without asking every day and basically wear out my bags/shoes)........i guess we really do need to be careful who we let into our homes but it's sad to think that we can't even trust our own friends.....
Wow. I am so sorry this happened to you. I had something similar happen to me once and I couldn't believe it. I still miss some of the things that were lost.

Of course, the things that are missing are just stuff, but your sense of trust must be completely damaged. *hugs*
Def. go to the police. You own the stuff, she does not. It's that simple. Your BF can vouch for you. At least they may hassle her enough to give it up!
I remember you sharing this w/ me recently but I didn't know the extent of it. I'm FLOORED!
I had a roommate steal from me too, but not to this degree.
You certainly SHOULD file a police report unless the Chief of Police told you not to.
It could very well be what causes your items to show up. I'd also call around to pawn shops. I know that's a terrible thing to think, but I would.
I'm SO sorry!

It's such a violation and a slam to your being. :sad:
I am sorry this happened to you london brat but do you believe in violence. I am furious, so furious I will fly down to london and rough her up myself. OH MY, she is the devil.
Do you know where she is currently living? (Find out from mutual friends if you don't.) Get a police officer to pay her a visit. All of your things are probably still with her. Good luck.
I know, I really should go to the police thank you for the advice.
Before that though, I found her uncles address from a friend and I'm going to go and speak to him. Surely he is a man with sense.

She is originally Morrocan and I amworried that if she realises I may go to the police she will disappear. Then buhh bye to everything.

Thanks everyone for you support. I feel, sick in the stomach really. Every minute I can think of something else missing. I just realised my LV shawl and hermes scarf is gone as well.

As I said, I just don't understand. Why would someone do this?

I found a list amongst my stuff that she wrote that states her shpooing list;
2 pairs of gucci shoes,a gold prada bag
d&g belt ......and so on.
I also saw most of the things that are gone are designer items. So it seems thats what it's all about.
An example to this is, I wear alot of juicy and a while back she asked me why (she didnt know the brand), pointing out it was "too casual". Then one evening she had borrowed a juicy dress from me and a completly random person I know mentioned to her that she looked cool and said "juicy is soooo funky". Now everything juicy is gone.
That is unbelievable. She must have it all in her new place wherever that is. try to find out and arrive with the police unexpectedly. That is absoluttely reprehensible. did you ever have any indication that she was so shady????
Don't let her know that you want to go to the police, try to find out her current address as soon as possible. Don't even tell her uncle what happened, just find out where that little b***h is! When you do, bring a policeman along. File a report, you might still be able to recover your things. It seems she likes your belongings so she won't sell them, she'll instead keep them for herself. :mad: