I was robbed by my closest friend. Scarce good people left.

Hopefully this phrase is true: The universe has its way in working itself out. is that how it goes? I hope she gets what is coming to her! A BIG KNUCKLE SANDWHICH.
I would file a report...theft is theft regardless if she had the key.

Also, try to remember not everyone is bad. There have been a handful of cases on here where total strangers pull through to do great things for others. You are in a tough time right now...do what you need to do, but try to stay positive on others while all this is going on.
I agree about getting the police involved, but you first need to make a comprehensive list of what's missing. Start now, and you will realize which other items are gone in the next day or so.
How horrible! I agree with what everyone else has said, you MUST go to the police. Have a detailed list of what you know is missing. There are some really sucky people out there.
OMG everyone thank you so much for your support! You made me cry! (i'm sure that wasnt what you guys were aiming to do lol!)

Minnie you are increadibly cute~! Thanks! I wish we could go and kick her butt!
Christena- you are right. I am not planning on sounding angry or threatening so she doesnt disappear. I keep playing the "I understand some stuff of mine is mixed up with urs and I need them back urgently".
Annemerrick- sadly I dont have renters insurance. Booo to the UK.
Baghunter- you know what? I agree. she took my kindness as weakness. That is exactly what happened:cry:

I sadly live in the UK. And police never take things seriously. We get "c'mon lav, itll be find, talk to the lass get her to buy you a drink and youre equal! Now, now...."
How awful for you! :sad2: It's terrible to be betrayed by someone so close. I truly hope you can file charges against her and recover your things. Sending big hugs your way!!!
HOW HORRID. I can't even imagine how you must feel. I'm sorry, LondonBrat. Don't lose faith in people, this is one truly bad apple. I cannot imagine anyone I know doing this to me....
ranskimme; what goes around does come around...hopefully. That is the only thing that makes me feel better.
JAP4Life & Minnie: I promise you , when this is over I will release her to the lions (aka: you two!) that seems worse than jail.

Jokes aside, im not a voilent person, but i couldnt sleep last night and started fantasizing that i would see her walking down the street one day with one of my bags and trotting in my shoes and i would punch her. Hard, in the face.
Don't worry I wont really.
I hope!

Btw, I forget to mention everytime i post that my laptops gone aswell (but the charger is still her- so not only is a theif she is also stupid)

making a list is a great idea. Going with that to the police is such a better idea. I am going to do this starting now. BTW funny no books are gone from my library! hah.
Londonbrat, i'm sooo sorry to hear this. It must hurt you real bad, not only losing your stuff, but by your friend. Even though the police don't take things seriously (like you said) you should still try.

i am so sorry!! that is awful.. i can't imagine someone treating you like that.. how can someone just come into anothers life and take things with utter disregard to what it will do and how it will affect you?? you should report it to the police anyway! out of curiosity does your building have security camera's at the entrance or anything? if they do you could ask the manager if they have any taped footage that might show her carrying stuff out
OMG Im sooo sorry.. I was close to tears when I read this. Then .. *I hope this helps*.. I remembered a story about a guy who got his snowboard stolen.. and then went on EBAY and FOUND IT.. they tracked that guy down and arrested him.. I dunno if she will sell any of your stuff but I'd report it see if any authorities can go with you to her house. And dont forget to keep a close eye on ebay to see if she tries to sell your stuff. xoxox for you!!!
London - I'm SO sorry for this. You're right, you don't deserve this AT ALL and I cannot believe there are people out there who are trying to take advantage of your kindness.

Talk to a lawyer and see if there is anything you can do to get your stuff (or the monetary value) back and try not to provoke your "friend" to leave the country. I agree with everyone, go to the police!! If you have someone who is close to an officer see if you can get that person to talk to the officer and see if there's anything the police can do. Also record all future conversations with her.

I'm so so sooo sorry this is happening to you London, good luck with everything and please update us! *HUG*****