I think I'm going to up and move to Chicago.

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  1. I've really fallen in love with Chicago: the architecture, particularly. I don't know a soul there, I don't know the neighborhoods, nothing. I guess I just want to live in the city where Paxton and Richardson and Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago School of Architecture all were/are... as good a reason as any, right?

    At this point I have no job offers -- my own fault for attempting to play ball waaay out of my league -- and I don't want to stay in California anymore.

    Luckily I have the support of my parents and I figure I'll always find some work once I get there, even if its just waitressing (wow, I will be one overeducated waitress!).

    I bet some of you ladies just up and went somewhere after college... can you share your experiences? Was it fabulous or so awful that you're going to want to talk me out of it?

    I figure -- I'm only this young once, I have no responsibilities, nothing to lose, really!
  2. Oh no, when are yo planning to move? We have to meet you before you go! :biggrin: I'll expedite the NorCal purse forum meeting.
  3. haha, Pursegal, you're too funny! I won't move until September, no matter where I go. I can't wait to meet you, too.:love: Maybe we can all hold hands and skip around SF singing a PurseForum song?
  4. lol :lol:

    chicago is a really nice city. i like it there! i have a bunch of family there and i'm up to visit every so often. so if you do decide to move there maybe we could meet up!! :amuse:
  5. I love Chicago and plan to move there next year. I live in SF too! And am also pretty sick of it.
  6. Noooooooooooooo!! Don't go to Chicago! You'll freeze to death from the wind! Come to NY!! You can always find a job here! What areas were you looking into?
  7. My shu shu! Are you going to find me a job in the art world in NYC? Cause I tried! lol
  8. Are you can architect by any chance? I'm an intern architect (not licensed yet) and I moved to Austin, TX from SF/Bay Area almost two years ago with my husband and cat. And before that I moved to SF to go to school from NYC. I highly recommend it, though I have to say it takes about 2 yrs (in both cases) before I really felt at home in the new city.

    But, Gosh, it is so much fun to learn about new people, new places and new everything. Even little things like here in Austin people say "Guadaloop" for Guadalupe!

    p.s. I fell in love with Chicago too when I drove through there even though everyone there said "wait 'till you experience the winters here!" Apparently real cold but hey, all those Chicagoans deal with it don't they?

    anyway, good luck.
  9. I want to be there too :nuts: !....but I'll be half a block away when you guys start the skipping and singing bit :huh: ....if you don't mind?!
  10. OMG, Shu and I just had the most ridiculous conversation via AIM. If she doesn't come up with a wealthy doctor in NYC very soon, off to Chicago I go.
  11. :oh: :worried: :sad2: :cry:
  12. Haha! Thanks for exposing me! And I don't appreciate this ultimatum of yours :evil: :lol:

    You have no idea, I'm like wracking my brain to think of someone I know in art! But everyone's either business, premed, or prelaw. My school doesn't really expand their horizons much. :huh:
  13. good luck! its awesome to hear that you're going to follow your dreams.... maybe if i do end up travelling at the end of the year - we could meet up in chicago - i'll totally be there for at least a week!!!

    good luck!!!! :smile:
  14. Yes! I will have a little studio! You can share with my cat and I. He bites, I don't.:smile:
  15. Our winters can be cold, but not any colder than say nyc...and this year they got way more snow there than we did here. But almost every Chicagoan will tell you we put up with the winters because of the summers. They're the best! I grew up here, but I came back after college and I'm enjoying it even more...I guess I took a lot of things forgranted. It has a lot to offer, so if you move, I hope you enjoy it! What field are you hoping to find a job in?