i think dior hates me

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  1. sorry ladies for the tirade below!

    lately i've been thinking that i've really got no luck with dior. first after a week of receiving my gold gaucho, the rivets come off (it was my third use and i was only going out of my doorstep when it broke!) and it's been taking ages for them to fix it. of course they're giving me a lot of unnecessary talk with the repairs since first they claim it's under warranty (i should think so, it's been only a week!) and so repairs would be free. then weeks go by and they then tell me the rivets have yet to arrive from paris and even then, they'll be charging me for the repair costs because they have to send it somewhere to fix it. i only wouldn't need to fork out the money for the rivets. :cursing:

    well then comes the other nightmare from neiman marcus. remember their private sale a few weeks ago? i thought it was such a steal being able to snag the new trotter romantique flap at USD$707! well i thought wrong because after placing my order online, the system managed to omit the last three digits to the postcode of my billing address and NM told me they couldn't process my order. well fine, i made that long distance call to them, had it sorted out and the lady on the line promised me that the bag would ship out 5th december latest (to my friend in NY). i've been checking my order history online and it says that the order is "in process" and would arrive on the 8th. last night, i checked with my friend and nope, NO PACKAGE FROM NM. so where exactly is my trotter romantique bag now?!

    and then of course there's the mailing list issue. the my regular SA back home had asked for my details so that she could add me to their mailing list. i'm all for it but days before their private sale, i've yet to receive anything in the mail. well i wasn't really banking on it anyway but when i called another SA in the main boutique up about the limited edition saddles and asked her about the details of the private sale, she told me i was not on their mailing list. good grief, and to think i'd always try to get anything from my regular SA first coz i thought she's been an absolute dear, i guess i'm not good enough! (nonetheless the SA from the main boutique sorted it out, so i guess i'll be switching SAs!)

    honestly, i don't know what is happening here. they seem to be really attentive when you make a purchase from them, but after the deed is done and the transaction goes through, that top notch service goes and it becomes an excuse after another excuse. grrrrrr. :yucky:
  2. awwwwww zerodross .. i totally understand what ur going through .. been there,done that ...( i had a package coming from dior paris which was delayed 1week ..called dior and they told me that the package arrived and i didnt want it :rant:.. EXCUSE ME? they went and checked the adress + cell phone # and told me they had copied the wrong number on my package :crybaby: they resent it again on their expense ..i was sooooo looking forward for tha bag ( rectangular girly bag) and imagine being sad and worried for more than 2 weeks :crybaby:)

    as for ur Gaucho, im really sorry for what happened to it + i cant justify how come they'll charge u for the repair cost when its new and under warranty? soo unfair ..

    NM's .. did u try calling them back and follow up with ur order? its holidays time and things are going on insanely.. plz do check with them ..

    calm down and re arrange ur ideas so u can solve things out :heart::heart:
  3. Sorry that this is happening to you Zerodross.

    Regarding your gold gaucho, you should definitely complain to the manager. I don't know if it will help, but I know the name of the store manager in London. PM me if you want it.

    I think it's really bad how sometimes these designer labels treat us and I'm not just talking about Dior. We are subjected to waiting lists, snooty SAs, limited editions that are way overpriced. They will only bend over backwards to you if you're a VIP customer. WTF? I mean, we are customers too, sure we can't buy regularly but if we're treated right we come back year after year.

    I really hope it will be resolved soon and I really wish I could help. Just stand your ground with them, don't let them make you pay for a defective bag that broke after only one week.
  4. :wtf: oh chloe, i'm so sorry to hear about you having to deal with wrong address situation! but yeah, sometimes i think dior should compensate us for all the stress & anticipation we get when ordering a new bag.

    as for nm, i'll wait till monday before i call. the trouble is my friend who's helping me receive all my orders in the US is flying to london soon (he'll be passing me all the items then) and if that trotter romantique doesn't reach him soon, it's going to be sitting on his doorstep for some time. the funny thing is, i placed an order with eluxury on the same day as the nm order and the eluxury order has arrived for some time now.

    but thank you for the kind words! :heart::love:
  5. i really hope ur gaucho get fixed soon and FREE :rant: and ur NM package arrrives b4 ur friend flies to the UK :heart: Good Luck
  6. thank you so much chrystalline for offering to help me out with the gaucho problem!:heart::love: this is why i love the little "dior community" we have here.

    greedy ole me had it sent back to the dior in singapore (where my parents are) because they promised me that they could get it fixed in 2 weeks, as compared to manchester, which said they had to send it back to paris and it'd take at least 6 months. :wtf:

    and i absolutely agree. i've had SAs at dior ignore me because i guess i'm still a student and they reckon i'm not worth their time. come to think about it, i was hovering at the jewelry display (at the dior in manchester) and nobody served me (even though i really wanted to get a pair of earrings), but when i went over to just pick up a cannage wallet, an SA suddenly appeared and was all jumpy about me touching the items. :sad:
  7. I got this number from the Dior site. It's for their customer relations: 020 7172 0172. You can also write a formal complaint. Or get your mom/dad or whoever that can give a good tonguelashing to the SA. I'm really not good at expressing myself so I get my hubby to do it for me. He gets this really posh accent when complaining and it gets people to move their arse! LOL I laugh and laugh afterwards of course. But some people really need a good poking around.

    Good luck :heart:
  8. :love::love:
    thank you so much Chrystalline, for taking the trouble to find the number on the dior site! I usually get my mom to do the dirty work of having to call up people to give them a good bollocking. in fact, i think i might be getting her to call up neiman marcus to ask them about my trotter romantique bag on monday. :graucho:

    but thank you so much m'dear. it's really very very nice of you to help!:heart:
  9. I seriously would not accept having to pay to get the gold gaucho fixed. Isn't the bag supposed to last more than a week? If it is, then why should you have to pay for what is obviously poor craftmanship, and thus, their responsibility?
  10. I'm not sure what to say cos i've never been in that situation. Well that's cos i've never bought things from those boutiques in the US, basically cos they don't ship to Oz.

    You would think their customer service would be superior considering the amount of $$ spent per item. Have they charged your CC? If so, perhaps it's worth bugging them about it since they have zillions of other customers they'll probably forget.

    I agree, don't pay for the shipping for getting ur gaucho fixed. Isn't that why it's under warranty. It's their issue if they require assistance elsewhere. You didn't pay all that $$ for a faulty bag.

    Oh i get those 'stares' alot from SA's just browsing at things. I look younger for my age and sometimes i deliberately dress more immature to walk into those high end boutiques to see what the reactions of the SA's. Of cos, it's usually the same, the stares, the sensitive customer service when they'll pick things up for you as long as you don't touch.

    It's unfortunate these things happen.

    So fingers crossed and hope it'll be sorted out soon. Be persistent cos it's your hard earned $$.
  11. thanks keya & blu^tulip for the advice! :flowers:

    yup, i'm really miffed with dior wanting me to pay for the repair. actually, i'm also miffed that my regular SA who i bought the gaucho from is not helping me in the least bit with the whole repair issue. the new SA i'm corresponding with currently tried to help me out by calling their other branches and they found another gold gaucho but it was a display item and apparently it's FAULTY TOO! (hmmmm is it just me or does it sound like an obvious workmanship problem on dior's part?) the new SA also told me that it might take up to 3 months to get it fixed now. i am completely stumped!

    and as for neiman, yup, they've charged my credit card! i'm just giving them some time to over this weekend to perhaps have the bag mysteriously appear at my friend's doorstep. since chloe has mentioned that it's the holiday season, i guess i'll be a bit more patient with that. but i'll be calling them up on monday if the bag doesn't arrive because i really need the bag to get there before my friend flies over here.
  12. I'm so sorry Zerodross! :crybaby:

    I would definitely call Dior and keep moving up the chain of command until something gets done about it, and for free.
  13. zerodross> I mad about your gaucho bag. I hope you paid it with American Express Card. AmEx offers extra insurance on purchase item, you might want to check with them.

    Depending on how "pissed" you are. You might just return it or charge it back via the credit card company. Repair like this should not be something you should pay for. Thank God this has not happened to me. I know if it did, my hubby will return all the Dior purchases. I would be too. Basic customer service is vital.

    Ladies, I agree with your feelings about the snooty SAs. What da hell? They are working to service us. They have no right to give us attitude. They are not financially independent enough to "have to work" to service the public. They are no better than you and me. I touch and feel stuff I like in the store. I ignore all stares. :yahoo:
  14. Yuck! I hope they fix your bag free! LOVE that bag, btw. And I hope you get your trotter! I saw that during the sale and thought it was such a fantastic deal!
  15. :cursing::censor: :rant: :mad:

    just got off the phone with neiman's customer service and it's just plainly plainly appalling. i've spoken to them previous about my order for the trotter romantique and they said that the billing address was wrong. well it turns out that the last three digits of my post code was omitted, hence the problem. so i clarified the problem with the assistant over the phone and she said that they would mail out the item by 5th december latest.

    my neiman order history tells me that the item should arrive by the 8th. so i patiently waited for it and still, it doesn't arrive!

    so now i call up neiman and they're telling me the billing address is wrong. well i checked my order form and order history and y'know it looks pretty damn right to me. so what's the problem neiman? well here's their next spin, the bag might take 5-8 working days to arrive and my friend would have flown off for london by then. okay, no problem, just mail it to me directly here in the UK and i'll pay the shipping charges. well they can't do that. jeebusss, what does it take for them to simply process my order. they've clearly taken the amount from my credit card, so i don't understand how they can tell me there's a billing address problem.

    at the rate this is going, i'm just going to cancel the order and dispute the amount with my credit card company.

    thanks so much neiman, i'd rather just pay an extra $400 to get it at retail price from dior itself now.