I put a 19yr old Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma PM in the washer and dryer...

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  1. Hey OP-- your bag looks great! I'm impressed with how it turned out. Thanks for telling us your process and giving us an update.
  2. Are you INSANE??

    just kidding...but seriously....
  3. She's BRAVE, SMART and DARING and she has a clean bag to show for it ; P
  4. Actually brilliant!
  5. I'm all in favour of judging!

    And my judgment is that I wouldn't have done this because I would've been too worried about the leather.
  6. I want to buy an old Alma and try this!

  7. that is what i was hoping for!!! it looks great after!!:tup:

    thanks for sharing it OP!! :smile:
  8. Update? Still looking okay? So interesting/baffling that a washing machine worked so well.

    Makes you wonder if the LV bags of recent years would hold up as well 2 decades from now?

    Vintage is often better in so many ways...
  9. Yes, it still looks the same. I haven't had any issues. I have several vintage bags that have held up very well. I just posted a pic of my 16 yr old Papillon (still in great condition) in the #NationalhandbagDay thread. So, vintage is definitely good in my opinion. I guess we shall find out if the recent items will have lasting power. I have a zippy wallet and neverful that are about 8 years old and it still look good, so maybe... I'll see what happens when they make it to 10 years :smile:
  10. Your Alma is beautiful! Love it with the mono strap added. Great save! Thank you for sharing, I think it's awesome & sometimes older is better:smile:
  11. Wow that's awesome and brave. Thanks for sharing!
  12. updated picture:

  13. Thank you for your kind remarks. I'm very happy with the results and the bag is holding up quite well. I posted an updated picture so you can see how the bag looks months later.
  14. Hahaha, wow, you are BRAVE!!! The patina looks fabulous, and I love the purse charm you added to it, very 'old world'!
  15. look fab