I put a 19yr old Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma PM in the washer and dryer...

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  1. I am so in love with this classic bag, I am currently on the search for one myself as well as a few others. Your bag turned out great! I'm glad it worked for you!
  2. Found her!
  3. Amazing how you refurbished this awesome bag!
  4. I'm going to try this with my Noe, thanks for posting.
  5. Looks great! But I definitely wouldn't try it with any LVs made within the past 5 years or newer. I swear that the quality of the materials has dropped as of late. My vintage bags hold up better than my newer ones!
  6. Did the leather darken? I have been fearful of a total laundry submersion for fear the leather would darken significantly.
  7. What May I ask did you use the moisturize & condition your Alma? Looks great!
  8. You were really brave to do that. Great results! Enjoy it!
  9. Since the bag is old and already had a honey golden patina, I didn't notice any further darkening of the leather. Keep in mind that darkening of vachetta leather will occur overtime due to oxidation or when exposed to certain elements such as moisture, sun, etc.
  10. Hello there. I’ve been reading the posts about putting your LV in the washer and today I did it. I had purchased a pre loved vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur. Beautiful canvas and vachetta condition as well as the lining, however, it had a funky old musty basement smell. I have tried several methods to get rid of the smell but no success.
    Today in the washer it went . It turn out well, I’m waiting on the bag to dry. It’s outside on the terrace on a sunny cold day.
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  11. I have the same „smell-problem“ with a speedy 40. Looking forward to your next post and see how it worked for you!

    I completely washed the bag inside out. The smell was a little lighter but not good. Maybe I try the washing machine.
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  12. Turn it inside out in bright sunlight and spray it with this:

    My Speedy had an actual mold issue and this cleared it up.
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  13. A8F2D251-269A-4008-8549-04D258A52718.jpeg 06D470B8-BF9D-4476-A158-A2AFAB840543.jpeg

    I bought a 2001 pochette accessoires mono and it was musty so I washed it with towels in washing machine. Bad smell is gone! I used tide laundry detergent
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  14. Hello,

    I’m glad to say that the bag is not destroyed. Very little dryness on one part of a strap. But the odor is still there, a lot less than what it was. Before, by only sitting next to the bag you could smell the musty odor; not now. I stick my nose to the canvas and I smell it. The inside of the bag, the liner , does not smell anymore.

    Photo 1) Bag just pulled out the the washer

    Photo 2) this second time I washed it in the sink, immediately after taking out of the washer

    Photo 3) the color of the water in the sink
    CD31E382-C9AA-4E20-8C59-0B41C79905CC.png 7EE604A5-D76F-4CCE-8D0F-873FFCB8E6DB.png 815A198C-B3BE-49C1-A688-2FE925715C73.png
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  15. Photos taken today after the bag is completely dry. First I dried the excess water with a towel. Then I let it air dry for a while. Then I applied some Applegard Conditioner to the vachetta to prevent cracking.
    62170AA2-A84E-4D6D-B931-0C9C64B7000C.jpeg AAB49493-3040-451F-9EB8-3E7E3BB13A39.jpeg E36D8C9B-2E94-430E-9652-FEE1962D077F.jpeg
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