I put a 19yr old Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma PM in the washer and dryer...

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  1. Thank you so much for the advise. I will definitely buy it. I am actually thinking of washing the bag again, much later. But first I will spray this product; hopefully it works so I won’t have to “ drown” the poor Saumur again.
  2. Did the water turned out very brown ? Like dirty murky water?? Mine did. Look at my photos
  3. Not really
  4. The water turned very brown when I washed my noe. I was so grossed out!
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  5. i think i'm going to give this a go with my old sac flanerie 45. it was my beater bag anyway but i lent it to a friend for a beach trip and didn't consider that she is a smoker... i just can't use or be near the bag now so why not. wish me luck!!

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  6. Oh
    Oh my god - the water :yucky::sick:!!!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
  7. I know the feeling!! I am actually thinking about washing it again until the water comes out somewhat clear....
  8. Good luck! How did it turn out??
  9. So I just got a preloved denim mahina xs. I am so tempted to throw it in the wash. The color is black denim, and it looks pretty clean, or I can't see visible stains and it smells pretty good, but I just want to give it a little wash. Do you think this will be ok? The leather parts seem like it will he pretty durable and not damage.