I have driven myself INSANE trying to buy a gold bag! (looooooong)

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  1. So here is my story about the search for a gold bag:

    I recently sold a gold Bulga butterfly bag on ebay. I loved the color, but the style to me seemed a little dated and I was sure I could find a replacement easily. Boy was I wrong!

    The first one I tried out was the HH Havana Hobo (the HHHH, I guess) in soft gold. Now, here is the problem with gold leather, I think: whatever the manufacturers do to make it gold also makes it very cheap-looking and thin. So when I finally got the HHHH, it just did not look like a $400 bag. I LOVED the color but it wasn't worth it. So back it went. Total cost there was ~ $17 for shipping both ways. (On the plus side, I think someone snagged it at the HH SS for cheaper, so that good).

    The next one I thought about the the Foley + Corinna mid city tote in platinum.
    I think Foley and Hayden must be sharing leathers, because it was the exact same problem - the leather felt VERY thin and cheap. Great color, though. My boyfriend commented that it looked like a $50 bag from Urban Outfitters (nothing wrong with that, but for $400 one expects a bag that looks like it's $400).

    I then tried the RM no strings satchel in gold/whitewash.
    I like the rosegold color, but the two-tone was not working for me.

    Then I started looking at a gold trigger on bagborroworsteal.com. But they want $400 for it, and IMO a used trigger is worth $250, max. Also, I worried that I would have the same problem I had with my Bulga - it's not exactly a "classic" style and may get dated after a while.

    So - I went searching on revolve and found three bags I liked. I ordered all three (links below) and hopefully one will be the one. If not I don't know what I'm going to do.

    And, in the background, I know the gold bag I truly want:
    too bad it's $2000!
  2. [​IMG]

    What bag is this?It looks really nice...classic and the leather doesn't look "thin".
  3. Check out Belen Echandia's mottled gold. Be leather is TDF and not cheap or thin at all. Check out their Stroke Me model on www.belenechandia.com
  4. ^^ i have. the only bag I really like from BE is the indulge me, and it's not in gold. If it came in gold it would already be mine!
  5. Getting the right gold is hard, I found the same issue with red.
    Good luck!
  6. Hopefully one of those works out!

    I saw this bag yesterday at Stuart Weitzman in a pale gold. I can't find a picture of the pale gold bag, but here is the shoe in the same line. If you want to see more pictures of the bag, you can go to the Zappos link below.


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  7. Love the $2000 bag....what is it?
  8. It's YSL and it's beautiful...I've gone to visit it in the store a few times now...:love:
  9. Beautiful bags! I hope you find one you like! There is also a goldtone Coach bag if you're interested... it's the Metallic Carly and comes in two sizes...

    the first is the slim metallic carly #11872 $548


    the second is the carly metallic #11870 $458

    Just a suggestion if your other bags don't work out!
  10. I like the first bag you posted the best. But I guess it is all a personal decision. I hate shopping for a bag when I don't know exactly what I want. Ha.
    Personally, I love the Devi Kroell bags...they are beautiful in gold, but quite pricey! I got the Target edition, it's cheap, but a good carry-on.
  11. daniela - Did you know that there is a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Rosegold? If you liked the leather/color but not the two-tone of the no-strings satchel, then maybe you should get the Morning After mini.
  12. .

    Ahhh YSL! They always make such beautiful bags!
  13. I do - my mom has it. I feel silly buying the same bag my mom does, and it's her only nice bag so I can't ask her for it. When she gets sick of it it will be mine though!
  14. Update: my loot from revolve got here, and it's like goldilocks - one isn't gold enough, one isn't metallic enough, and one is a little too big. BUT I was flipping through Lucky this morning and saw an ad for Dooney & Burke - a brand I NEVER THOUGHT I would buy - and they had gold bags! So I ran over and picked one up. Now it's between the Seven bag and the D&B.

    On the bright side, I have about 8 gold handbags sitting in my living room, hanging out and getting to know one another. My fiance thinks I'm insane.