I got a Prune too - only it's not a Heloise ;) Come see my new Saskia's!

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Prune or Navy for the Regular Saskia????

  1. Prune

  2. Navy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all!

    You may recall that I bought a Navy (Chloe call it "Ritter") Saskia shopping Tote a few weeks ago and then took it back for a refund as I couldn't get use to the style :Push:

    Anyway I received the regular Saskia in nutmeg last week and am absolutely in love with it! I love the style, it is just perfect for me!:love: I am so in love that yesterday I travelled 60 miles to Selfridges, Birmingham and bought another Saskia - this time in Prune :nuts:

    Anyway, now I have my eye on the Navy saskia too! There was a lovely pic of Kylie carrying a Navy in Grazia a few weeks back....:love: Anyway, I have tracked a Navy one down...but I cannot afford all three (these guys are £889 each!). Nutmeg is a keeper without a doubt but what do you girls think between Prune and Ritter :shrugs:

    Pics coming up.......
  2. Eeeeek forgot to watermark photo's so removed them...they will be back on a few mins ;)
  3. Ok....here is the brown one - definately a keeper :love:


  4. And here is the Prune. Can't decide this and the same bag but in Navy (the colour is pictured underneath the Prune).....hmmmmmmm:shrugs:



  5. Oh they are gorgeus. I really should just go ahead and buy the red one I am lusting over. All though I have only found it in large size so maybe it will be too large:thinking:
    Anyway much prefer the prune colour to the blue colour. They are really lovely bags:love:
  6. I know Prune is super hot right now.. but I just think that Navy is REALLY stunning and there will always be a place for it. It reminds me a little of the "ink" colored Bbags, that are super cool.
  7. I love it in nutmeg... i so hope it will be marked down in the sales!
    As for the poll, i like prune better... i think it suits this particular style...
  8. Hey Bal, I'm proud to have cast the first vote for the Prune.

    I LOVE :heart: the fact that you schlepped all the way up to Brum for it. I thought I was the only :nuts: person who did things like that ( nearly went all the way down to Guildford to get my Black Heli, instead did a three hour round trip from my home to get it in a HOF at Monument in the City).

    The Nutmeg is just TDF :love:. Without doubt a keeper with all the makings of a classic I'd say . It's funny how I really couldn't see the appeal of the Saskia whatosever before seeing your pics and now the scales have fallen from my eyes :girlsigh:.

    The reason I think you should keep the Prune is because I think the nutmeg ( and the blue) are fairly conservative colours (I mean that in a good way :tup:), so I think if you're going to have two of these bags, you ought to have one in a more vivid shade.

    Also I have the Prune Heli as you know and I find the colour suprisingly easy to wear (unlike the Pigalle for some reason :confused1:). I've had so many admiring glances when wearing my Prune Heli. It's just a real showstopper of a colour and in my shallowness :shame:, it makes me really happy :smile: everytime I wear it.

    So that's my five pence worth - I look forward to hearing what the other girls think but CONGRATULATIONS on whichever one you chose to keep - you can't really go wrong with any of them ! Wear them in good health and enjoy!
  9. Itta with TAG go bold and keep the Prune!
  10. Prune...Gorgeuos and lovely colour....:yes::tup:.
  11. I forgot to mention the nutmeg because was only thinking about which colour to pick of the other two but I absolutly adore the brown saskia and would consider getting that one myself but have my heart set on red colour. I adore the saskia. It seems like such a versitile bag.
  12. Thanks for all your input so far :flowers:

    The brown is just gorgeous! I aways go for Brown or Black so that is a no-brainer ;)

    It's the picture of Kylie that is throwing me! She looks amazing with her navy Saskia :love: But hey, I'm no Kylie am I and I reckon she'd have looked just as great with the Prune :yes:

    Navy is just so classy I think....Prune is more fun and definately more fashionable right now. Ohhhhhh I don't know! I have to decide by tomorrow as I have the Navy on hold until then :Push:
  13. Is the navy close by so you can check it out in person? I guess considering you did actually go for navy first with the bag that went back then maybe you are really more set on that? I really love the glossyness of the prune though.
  14. Great bags, but for the poll Prune, it just seems to have more 'life'. OMG, I love that bag in Prune!!

    That bag looks great in all colors, I've had my eye on the gold and white ones (waiting for the sale), but if I didn't have my Prune Heli, I would definitely go looking for one myself.

    Congratulations, great colors, whatever you choose.
  15. Ahhh llson, the white is just the most beautiful bag ever! But I am totally phobic with pale bags so no use to me. But it is the best colour for this bag without a doubt :love: