I did the unthinkable... my SO K25

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  1. I wouldn't do that with such special bag but you did great job. I don't agree with some пеопле that Hermes will not notice it. They don't service the bags inside and often craftsmen even don't look inside but if they do it I suppose your bag is stll brown inside on the edges. I see leather extension on the zipper puller still is brown and I suppose horizontal edge over the zipper also is brown and you can't paint easy that areas without risk for bag. Also future reselling price ( if you sell it of course) of this bag is lower because of that.
  2. You did a great job and the bag looks great! However, you should be prepared that your bag won't be serviced by H as they will know it was painted by a 3rd party.
  3. You did an absolutely spectacular job! I'm in awe! :tup:
  4. Amazing! You turned a special order into a SPECIAL special order. Having not seen your original bag, when I first read your post I assumed the pictures you just posted were the "before" pictures because the edges looked fresh-out-of-the-box PERFECT! I am super impressed. Enjoy!
  5. Gorgeous! I agree this is so much better than the original. I didn't understand that color pairing at all.
  6. First and foremost, it looks beautiful.
    Second, you’ve got one steady hand. I command you. It takes courage to do something someone trains for a long time to be allowed to do. Congratulations!
  7. Looks amazing; much better color combo. I don't necessarily agree with prior poster about resale price as I think the prior color combo was so odd that it would have limited the buying audience a lot. You are totally qualified to open a business doing this!
  8. Impeccable. Looks sooooooooo much better.
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  9. Thank you again everyone!

    I went into this project already knowing I wouldn’t be selling this baby (sentimental value being my 1st SO), and I also understand the potential of not being able to get H spa service.

    I’m seeing my SA for a couple of small goodies next week and will show it to her, she’s probably going to freak out, but am sure she is more relieved that I am using the bag than not!
  10. I am so impressed with you and it’s absolutely beautiful. Good work!!
  11. I like this better then your original SO, good job with the edge paint color!:drinks:
  12. Amazing combo, congratulations!
  13. Amazing. It really is an improvement over the brown. Congratulations and you have nerves of steel! Wonderful job.
  14. And you may come out of the whole thing with a job offer from H. Next we’ll all be sending you our bags for touch-ups !
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  15. I would!! :tup::tup:
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