I did the unthinkable... my SO K25

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  1. Some of you may recall I have posted my very first SO K25 in the below thread (post # 6684):


    I did the unthinkable... I took the matter into my own hands and changed the edge paint myself! I think Docride is about to faint about now...

    I researched on the edge paint color and supplier H uses, watched numerous youtube videos, purchased everything I needed (blade punch tool, sand paper, edge paint, chamois, scotch tape), and also a small sheet of epsom leather to practice on, and went at it! My husband couldn't take the stress and had to physically remove himself from our home for the day LOL.

    Sequence of events (to be repeated for every part of the bag) -
    1) sand away as much of the old edge paint as possible (500 grit paper)
    2) apply 1st layer
    3) smooth 1st layer with 1000 grit paper
    4) apply 2nd layer
    5) smooth 2nd layer with 1000 grit paper
    6) apply 3rd layer
    7) buff with chamois cloth

    The whole process took approx. 10 hours as time was needed for each layer to dry... this was a pretty grueling process but I'm so glad I did it so now I can be at peace and enjoy her fully.

    And I know, H will probably deny spa service in the future but this is something I am willing to sacrifice so that I can fully appreciate and use the bag.

    Disclaimer - you probably don’t want to try this at home, I have an architecture degree so am used to model building and meticulous painting jobs.

    without further ado, here are the photos!

    5224F5B2-CA7B-4BE7-B956-ECB3392D7E91.jpeg 50B1F758-1C7F-4FC6-A8C7-42536466734A.jpeg 61B9D999-A4AE-4C68-BA63-0602A371FDB9.jpeg D6468591-1FE2-4A29-8C28-984E1DF1AC74.jpeg
    E479B9A3-ED35-469C-AF21-D2E393FC374D.jpeg 135BF725-CE78-4A6F-8711-774E4A77FA26.jpeg 0F4ECB86-F4EC-416A-9B7B-74A23851959E.jpeg F4511C53-F19F-4037-A350-792B66E1685F.jpeg
  2. WOW!!! This looks amazing!
  3. You did such a perfect job with the edge paint. :tup::tup: That was VERY bold of you. Congratulations on a spectacular job!! It’s perfection!! :drinkup:
  4. The original was beautiful, but I really do love how it looks with the black. Great job! So stunning!! And you have some guts!!!
  5. OH MY LORD! It looks perfect! I have to say that the other combination was pretty awesome but this one too.
  6. Wow how did you sand the handle attachment areas? You must have nerve of steel and superior fine motor skill!

    Would you share which edge paint was used?
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  7. Wow! You did such a fantastic job! Now comparing to original pictures, I like current color much more. Congrats!
  8. It looks great! You are so brave. I've repaired edge coating on some cheap bags, but usually not with perfect results. I'm not patient enough. I also would like to know what brand edge paint you used.
  9. Unbelievable work! Have you been using her? Any cracks or peeling when using the bag? You have MAJOR guts.
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  10. Impressive. Hope your heart rate has returned to normal. Congrats enjoy your beauty !!
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  11. What an experience. Your Kelly is beautiful and definitely looks better in black. I was also surprised that the Artisan chose a warm colour like chocolate brown to accent a cool colour such as gris mouette. I admire your bravery, but sometimes it is needed. Although not an H bag, but a significant purchase, I removed 30cm of chain from one of my bags and I sweated like a boxer the whole time. :smile:. So funny that your DH had to leave.
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  12. Wow! Just wow. That is amazing. Great job! :flowers:
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  13. Wow. Great job! I % agree that it looks better with the black edge paint!
    Must’ve been stressful!
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  14. Outstanding. I love it so much better with the black edge.
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  15. good for you and it looks perfect!! i woudl totally agreed on the black resin!
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