I did the unthinkable... my SO K25

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  1. What brand of edge coat did you use? Thanks
  2. Thank you for all the details. I've only tried Fiebings and didn't like the results. It is very thin, requires tons of layers and is almost impossible to get it even. I'm going to look into getting Vernis for my next project.
  3. So brave and well done! I think you'll cherish this bag more than your other bags because you put your personal touch (and may I say: flawless) to it. Congrats on making a beautiful bag even more beautiful!
  4. Pardon my language but woman, you have b*lls of st**l! And I have to say, and I'm sure some would agree, your work is even more refined than some untouched Hermes bags I've seen
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  5. I love this thread. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.
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  6. Wowza!!
    I love DIY projects, but man, are you bold!!

    The brown edge coat was quite lovely too, but your change is exactly what this bag needed. More versatile now and so so gorgeous. Amazing job!
  7. Amazing job!! Wow!
    And it looks so much fresher and more classy in black rather than brown!
  8. Gorgeous and perfect. But good grief you do have nerves of steel and hands of the most skilled surgeon. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bag.
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  9. Unbelievable job @frankiextah! Your K looks amazing, better than the original! Enjoy her in the best of health :flowers:
  10. Wow! Totally impressed! Now your bag is simply perfect. I did not like the brown. Now it is just it should be!
  11. I literally held my breathe while scrolling to the pictures! I thought it would look like a disaster but I was wrong. You did a great job! It looks wonderful!
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  12. Incredible job, it looks beautiful! You definitely have nerves of steel and a steady hand. Enjoy!!!!
  13. Wow.
    You’re an artisan!
    I’m very impressed.
  14. Unbelievably brave and incredibly fantastic!!! The new edge paint color looks so much better.
  15. Good for you, Brave Soul~! Looks Fantastic~!:heart: